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4 thoughts on “Ask A Witch”

  1. Hi Leandra, I’m writing because I have been feeling very tired lately. Is there anything that will bring strength and vitality back to my home? I spent 6 months away from my home last year from June to December and the house just hasn’t felt the same since I’ve been back. Your ideas and advice is welcome. Thank you!

    1. MM Susan,
      There are many things you can take into account when facing unexplained fatigue. Start with a deep cleansing of your space, and then work on any physical or habitual factors that might be the cause. This can range from diet and exercise to deep inner and spiritual work.
      As the old Irish proverb states, “A long sleep and a good laugh will cure anything”. There is Magick in laughter and rest that is often overlooked and underestimated.
      I hope this helps.

  2. Hi Leandra,

    I just watched a witch movie from the 80’s and during a scene where a witch cast a spell she recited the following:

    Witch: Barbayith. Farady. Garyso. Sanighla. Carnarvon. Bilious. Here me. Conjured me. Astra. Avatar. Malmon. Ball. Leviathan. Bell. Asmodeus. Celsius. Chido. Porous. Nervous. Osborne. Satanaga. Pana. Purseless. Batien. Nobruce. Nagas. Sebulawn. Persa. Sarthavanus. Valuthar. Botiche. Catepulas.

    Note: I guessed (obviously wrong) at the spelling of the words.

    Can you tell me what she’s doing or saying? And/or where I can find the proper spelling for what she is saying?
    Thanks, Scott

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