Adding Theatrics to Ritual

From the use of Flash Paper to Fiber Optic fabric, adding theatrics to ritual can create a dramatic sparkle.

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I am sure you are asking yourself, “What does she mean, …add a dramatic sparkle to your rituals? Is she saying I need to go out and get a fire staff or poi?”

WHOA wait! You don’t need to be a fire spinner, a tightrope walker, a stage director or set designer here. So hold off on those purchases and lessons, unless this is something you really want. 
There are many simple ways you can add a little extra sparkle or dramatic flair to your rituals. I learned my tricks and techniques from a High Priestess who trained me a few years ago. Her previous career was in stage production and together we worked the professional theatrical circuit. She even worked with some well-known heavy metal bands in the 80’s. Mutually, she and I had a knack for taking things one step further than most, and you can too.

If you can find a group or a High Priestess/Priest, who is able and willing; someone who will help you and put in the time and dedication it takes to pull off a ritual with flare-your efforts will be greatly rewarded. You will discover the energy you raise is abundant and indescribable. I am having trouble now, years later, explaining the magnitude of what we experienced within each and every ritual.

Not to forget some of the antics and visual displays you create can leave you with something to talk about for many years to come. That’s just a cool side note.
While I recall the splendor conjured, I am also drawn to give you some caution. I always advise my students to be wary of making any spell or ritual overly complicated, expensive, and stressful. All that fuss is just not necessary. Stress, overwhelm, and overly inflated expectations can quickly kill any ritual or spell work.

Instead, focus on the talents, skills, and resources you already have available. Don’t over amplifying your expectations or over emphasize any one incident or action. Work toward keeping things real; this will prevent you from making yourself (and your coven-mates) CrAzY!

Take a deep breath and relax, this is the first advice I have for anyone planning something Magickal. When you loosen your grip on expectation and release yourself from expecting absolute perfection, you allow the energy to flow as it is intended.

With that said let me give you a couple of examples of how you can add some theatrical flair to a ritual.

  1. Dance!
  2. Candlelight!

Yep! Dance and light are two readily available options for anyone looking to add a little something to their sacred rituals.  

Your dance does not have to be down and dirty or a butt bobbling twerk. Instead, the dance you incorporate into your ceremony should be simple, lively, and elegant. A well-timed bow here and a spin there, while holding a coven mate’s hand is something even those with two left feet can handle.  When the energy commands it, let your dance get wild and athletic, just don’t hurt yourself, please.

The key is to plan things out. Practice the moves when you can, and get your coven-mates excited about and comfortable with the proposed experience. Each movement should mean something, and you should all know the value or meaning before you begin.

One Beltane ritual I recall incorporated something that resembled a dance. When each member of the coven entered the circle, and after they met the challenge at the gate, we bent our knee and bowed to the altar, then as we rose we did a sort of pivot, turning to meet hands first with the HP and then with the coven mate closest to us. Once our hands met, we again bent a knee and bowed to honor North with one another. As each member entered the circle, the pattern continued. The simplicity of this bow and pivot motion continued until each of us was able to bow at each quarter at least once. Essentially, we took two modest moves and made them into something grand.

Creating a simple dance routine like this is an excellent example of how you can incorporate unassuming movements into a theatrical display that will enrich your practice. After all, dance, in its many forms has had its place in ritual for centuries. It only makes sense to add dance when we can.

The next element you can try is adding in light. We Pagans LOVE-LOVE-LOVE our candlelight, so why not add some candles to the dance mix and make it truly Magickal!

Now as you can imagine, when I saw the following video from the Outlander Series, the nostalgia came rushing to me. I was inspired to share my experiences and this short video with you.

Take a moment to enjoy watching the Dance of the Druids, and let it fill your heart and mind with inspiration.

Bright Blessings!


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