Leandra Witchwood

The Fist is Rigid

Patriarchy has given us many beliefs.

The belief that we must control everything is one of the biggest. We have been taught that we should control nature, women’s bodies, people of color, our emotions, our desires, and more. The need for control is so deeply indoctrinated, entire governments have been modeled around it – complete with militant police forces and educational institutions to enforce it.

As I age, I have come to understand that the need for control is not necessary.

We are the Next Ancestors

We are the Next Ancestors, A few things you and I can do as we work toward equality and justice. A Witch’s reflection on Racism and How to Take Action.
Use your magick! Work with your coven or work alone, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we work toward raising energy for peace and justice. Light a candle each day. Say a prayer. Ask for guidance. Whatever you decide is right for you, be sure it helps funnel energy into creating safety and peace for us all. Here is a simple spell you can use or modify to suit your needs and preferences.

Easter vs Ostara

Yesterday, I saw MANY Witches and Pagans wishing others a happy Ostara or Eostre. As you may know, yesterday was Easter. If this confused you, you are not alone. I was also confused by this. As a teacher and mentor, I became concerned…

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