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  • 717 Goddesses Gathering for Samhain
    6:00 PM-9:00 PM

    21 Big Oak Rd, Dillsburg, PA 17019, USA

    21 Big Oak Rd, Dillsburg, PA 17019, USA

    Date and Time: Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 at 6:00 pm. Directions:
    21 Big Oak Road, Dillsburg, PA.
    You will see the sign that says Big Oak Farms and that’s where you’ll turn in. Follow the driveway down and you’ll see a PARKING sign. If you get lost please call me at 717-418-4109.

    717 Goddesses Gatherings will occur throughout the year to celebrate things such as new moons, full moons, sabbats, and other reasons to come together. They won’t necessarily occur for every moon or every sabbat. They will include a circle, ritual, a specific activity, and/or a specific craft or small project. The basis of the circles at our gatherings will be based around pagan practices.

    Samhain Background:
    During October, the veil between the realms of the living and the dead is thin. This is believed to be the best time to make contact with the spirit world. In ancient times, Samhain (pronounced Sow-in and meaning “summer’s end”) was celebrated on October 31st. It’s also known as the witch’s new year and a time when the spirits of our ancestors can easily be contacted for divination and guidance.

    Today, Samhain is a pagan holiday honored in most earth-based traditions as the new year. Many create a special altar to honor their loved ones. It is a time to celebrate entering the dark seasons of the year and a reassurance that after darkness comes light and the days will eventually come back with all their bright light and new life sprouting from the ground.

    ****What To Bring****
    -a tea or coffee mug (feel free to put your name on the bottom of it)
    -a blanket or pillow to sit on in the she shed
    -Something that represents your ancestry like photos or mementos of ancestors for the group ancestor altar
    -white elephant gift (optional)
    -water bottle
    -a snack to share during our time together (optional)
    -journal and pen if you’d like to do some journaling afterwards in the she shed
    -wear whatever you wish but be mindful of the weather and consider bringing layers or a jacket if it’s to be chilly out

    Gathering Guidelines:
    1. Respect each other in every way, regardless of beliefs, sexuality, gender identity, etc.
    2. No drugs or alcohol.
    3. Be respectful of Big Oak Farm and Claudia who is so graciously letting us use her sacred space. Take your trash and any belongings with you when you leave.

    Meet at Pavilion
    After you arrive, we will all gather at the pavilion where we will leave our ancestor items on the group altar and place our mugs or cups down for the tea ceremony. There will be a brief introduction from us hosts and an overview of expectations. We will draw numbers for the gift exchange and introduce ourselves as we swap gifts. We will then head to the She Shed

    We will open circle by calling the elements and ancestors and create our magical and sacred space. We will have an explanation of Samhain and a candle inscribing guided by Leandra Witchwood. We will use our nails or another shop object to inscribe into white chime candles something we wish to let go of as we enter this “new year”. We will light our candles and quietly walk back up to the pavilion as we reflect on what we wish to release.

    Fire Release
    As we gather around the fire we will sing a verse from the goddess song:
    (Please memorize these lyrics the best you can so you can join in)
    “We All Come From The Goddess
    And To Her We Shall Return
    Like A Drop Of Rain,
    Flowing To The Ocean”
    We will each take as much time as we need to finish meditating on what we want to release and asking our ancestors to help let go. When we are ready at our own paces, we will each toss our candle into the fire and then quietly gather under the pavilion.

    Tea Ceremony
    Leandra Witchwood will explain divination and scribing and we will enjoy a tea ceremony. We will be using and drinking a specially blended tea created by Leandra Witchwood, allowing us to connect deeply to the purpose of this ceremony. If you have any allergies to specific herbs and spices, please let the organizers know.

    Closing Circle
    We will gather around the fire to thank the elements and ancestors and close our circle.

    Free Time
    Afterwards you may head home or you can choose to stay and return to the She Shed to meditate or relax, mingle with others, or stay at the pavilion to learn more about tea leaves from Leanrda.

    ***Gift Exchange Details***
    -You are not required to participate.
    -Please bring a small gift (new purchase or something you already have) to gift to another goddess in a white elephant type exchange. This can be some crystals you have in excess, a special candle, altar decor, a book, oracle/tarot cards, tea, sage bundle, etc. This can also be a funny gift.

    ***Activity Details***
    Inscribing Candles:
    We will inscribe candles (provided) with something we want to let go of or release as we enter the new year. We will meditate on it and when ready, we will toss our candles into the bonfire.

    Tea Ceremony with Leandra Witchwood of The Witchwood Teahouse:
    Our ancestors are a pivotal influence in everything we do… after all, our futures are built on the backs of those who came before us. It is through ceremony we become open to seeing with our hearts and our eyes open to what the soul already knows. Through acts of respect enveloped in purpose, we reconnect to the energies and entities which make us whole. At this time of year, the veil is thin; us to connect with those who have gone before us. It is time to honor our loved ones and ancestors as we peer through the veil and into the wisdom of the otherworld.
    Together we will use our senses to honor, remember, and connect. Our goals for this ceremony are to celebrate the changing season, honor our ancestors, and to develop deep connections using mindfulness within a focused ritual.

    We will be using and drinking a specially blended tea created by Leandra Witchwood, allowing us to connect deeply to the purpose of this ceremony. If you have any allergies to specific herbs and spices, please let the organizers know. Also, please bring an item with you that represents your ancestry.

    About Leandra Witchwood, Master Herbalist:
    Leandra offers a variety of sacred herbal apothecary items and loose-leaf teas created from organic, sustainable & responsibly sourced ingredients. Leandra has over 25 years of experience as an herbalist and as a student of esoteric knowledge. Over the years, Leandra put her herbal and spiritual knowledge to work as she blended teas, incense, and other herbal products for personal use. She then began sharing these blends with others in spiritual communities through tea ceremonies, discussions, workshops & more. Leandra blends are handmade for everyday enjoyment, wellness, rituals, and celebrations! Each tea Leandra blends within The Witchwood Teahouse is an offering of true holistic wellness addressing your needs as a whole; mind, body, and spirit.


Leandra Witchwood

I just want good food and to live a Magickal life! Is that so much to ask?After many years of study, struggle, and disappointment; I realize that I could forge my own path using the knowledge I gained, and the simplest of techniques. Through persistence I found the honest answer... I can have both!
I love food and everything that goes with it. I have spent more than 35 years in the kitchen, enjoying every minute of it. Okay… well, enjoying nearly every minute of it.
In addition, I have disbursed nearly as many years studying Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism. Combining these two interests has created a Magickal path where food, spirituality play brilliantly together.
My love of whole healthy foods, and unique recipes has also lead me to help run a local teen cooking program, where I teach kids valuable life skills in the kitchen. In addition, I teach different cooking classes for adults on subjects of making the time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable and efficient, recipe creation, and how to make cooking a part of your Magickal and spiritual practice.
From this, The Magick Kitchen was born. My journey with you is about developing a spiritual experience with food, far beyond the dull habit of consumption. We have a marvelous opportunity here to take a most basic-mundane task and make it Magickal!
Please enjoy the recipes, article, and content here on The Magick Kitchen. If you have questions or suggestions, I’m listening.
I am so glad you joined me! The personal act of sharing knowledge, experience, and personal perspective with you is an honor. Thank you!
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