A Call to Action Spell

The Magick Kitchen A Call to Action SpellA Call to Action Spell

This is a simple candle spell that will help call to your side, the energies and entities you need to perform a specific task.

Use this spell when you feel a need for positive energy, guardian energy, and motivating energy to assist you. 

 Tools and Supplies:

One White or Neutral Taper Candle

A Candle Holder

A lighter





Humbly, I call to thee, great-cosmic energy.

Come to my side, and be my guide,

                 with all the richness you provide.

I will keep my head up and my heart open,

                 as my desires to you are spoken.

I call to thee, profound energy,

                 fill me with motivation and winning strategy.

Come to my side, and be my guide.  

                   I call to thee, cosmic energy.

(Repeat the chant 9 times)


Each morning, light your candle and perform the chant. Once the chant is complete, snuff your candle and store in a secure place.

Do this for as many days as it takes for the candle to burn out on its own.


©2015, Leandra Witchwood, The Magick Kitchen



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