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Rigid Like Ice

At some point, we forget that this frozen state was once delicate. It could have been easily broken like the thin layer of ice forming on the branches. As our layers thicken, something more is needed. With a circle of proper support and circumstances, the layers of ice will fall away. It will take time as we introduce warmth and melt the layers of ice. We need a supportive circle of others who have broken their shells and learned to honor feelings of betrayal, fear, rage, and resentment. We can sit with these feelings, allowing others to warm us as they serve us a hot brew of nourishing warmth. We can learn our pain’s name. We can then speak it between sips.

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Not All Shadow Work is the Same, Exploring the Witch’s Shadow

There is an enormous benefit to discovering the key to finally resolving your blockages. There is enormous freedom in dissolving your counterproductive habits and behaviors. To heal using shadow work, the process must come from a holistic foundation. The bottom line is that shadow work is not done in the head. To be fully effective, it must engage the mind, body, spirit, emotions, and yes, the Otherworld.

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