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The Fist is Rigid

Patriarchy has given us many beliefs.

The belief that we must control everything is one of the biggest. We have been taught that we should control nature, women’s bodies, people of color, our emotions, our desires, and more. The need for control is so deeply indoctrinated, entire governments have been modeled around it – complete with militant police forces and educational institutions to enforce it.

As I age, I have come to understand that the need for control is not necessary.

A Couple of Things I Forgot to Mention…

The dark moon is upon us. Her voice echos and resonates from the deepest, darkest depths of my soul. Her rich, deepening tone can be heard by those who find comfort under her thick black cloak. If we choose to accept her invitation, we will find ourselves wrapped in her warmth. BUT, her warmth is not readily given. You can only come to know her warm after you have come to know her cold embrace. No, this is not a horror story, I will tell. This is a personal story – one only you can muster. It is one that is overflowing with the soreness you bring to the table. And Yes, many a discomfort you will uncover as the dark lady wraps you in the cold still night, but… with each layer discovered, you will grow stronger. As each dark veil is lifted and moved aside, you will know healing, clarity, and peace.

Social Distancing

Sheltering in Place

The need to be social in turbulent times
Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I find myself having to close it out and find other things to occupy my time. I think this is a healthy practice more of us need to utilize. People all over the world are utilizing technology to reinforce positive social relationships from Zoom yoga classes to online happy hour with friends. This shows the massive creative ability of humanity. We did not get to this level of evolution by wallowing in our misery and giving up. We got here through realizing that we are resilient and capable.

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