Articles, General interests

A collection of articles touching on common issues and interests that touch us all.

Reverence of Nature

Within nature, we can learn and grow. She is patient and takes time to sincerely, and deeply know us. We can exist without ridicule. We are not falsely judged and wrongfully sentenced. We are protected. We are fulfilled. Here we can become whole.
All of these gifts are at our fingertips. Just step outside and open your mind and heart.

Warrior Women Rising

Witches are action oriented. As Witches we have other measures, we can take in addition to voting, writing letters, and attending protests. If you ask me, this is the fun part. Magick is at the core of our being, and when we are in the throws, it is our most powerful tool. Our religious and spiritual paths were never meant to be idle or passive. It is for this reason. Witches are feared by patriarchy.

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