The Magick Kitchen Class Policies & Procedures

Please review these policies regarding your class enrollment!

Withdrawals, Refunds and Credits

No refunds will be given for classes conducted by Leandra Witchwood, The Program Administrator and/or The Magick Kitchen.

If you are unable to attend your scheduled class, you will be given a credit and scheduled for the next available class that is equal to or similar to the class purchased.

Course Extensions

In some cases in which unforeseen events prevent a student from completing a course during the prescribed time period, we may extend the students enrollment to a class or class session in the future; allowing the student to complete the class as originally intended.

The student must send to The Magick Kitchen program director, a notice and request for an extension at, before the class program is scheduled to end. The Program Administrator will contact the student to make arrangements for the extension if he or she is eligible for that extension. Extensions will not be granted after the end date of the course or class session. 

Eligibility will be determined on the student’s attendance record and pervious numbers of extensions already provided.

Student Expectations

Students will be required to check their email inboxes and spam folders for course content and communication. To ensure emails from The Program Administrator are not missed the following emails must be placed into the student’s address/contact list:

Students should check their email for necessary class materials and communications up to 3 days prior to the start of each class session.

Adhere to the suggested guidelines for progression through the course. Notify The Program Administrator at the start of the session if you would like to follow a different timetable because of individual circumstances. If the mentor cannot accommodate you, we can try to provide you with an extension that will better accommodate your needs.

Keep copies of all of your homework submitted to The Program Administrator.

Student will be required to have and maintain adequate technology that will allow him/her to participate in each on-line class session. The Magick Kitchen cannot be held responsible for any missed class time due to poor internet connection(s) or technical difficulties. The Program Administrator will however, offer an extension for any student who misses a large portion of any class session due to technical difficulties.

The Program Administrator & Course Instructor’s Expectations

Provide a personal introduction at the beginning of the course.

Provide personal attention on an individual bases as scheduled.

Reply to questions, providing feedback on activities and guidance when needed.

Notify students if they will be away or temporarily unable to comply with the above.

The Program Administrator is here to help you and guide you. The Program Administrator cannot do the work for you or give you all the answers. There will be time when you must seek the answers on your own in order to accurately and fully understand the path.  

Personal Coaching and Private Sessions Outside of Class

We offer personal attention to all of our students to ensure he/she feels confident and clear about his/her education and the course content. Within each course each student is given 60 minutes of individual time with the course instructor or The Program Administrator.

Once this additional 60 minutes (outside of class time) is exhausted, the student will be charged $80 per hour for additional personal instruction, Personal Coaching and Private Sessions outside of class.

Personal instruction and time with The Program Administrator and/or instructor outside of the regularly schedule class will be scheduled based on the availability of The Program Administrator/course instructor and the student. These additional sessions can be conducted via phone, email, and/or video chat.

The Program Administrator/course instructor will maintain an accurate log of the time spent with the student outside of the class and will notify the student of the remaining and spent time at the end of the private session(s).

This 60 additional minutes of private coaching with The Program Administrator and/or instructor outside of the regularly schedule class must be used within 30 days from the first class session date.  

Student Code of Conduct

Students are required to maintain a high standard of conduct in all correspondences. We have a “Zero Tolerance” for “flaming” (inappropriate language), bashing, sexual harassment, and other forms misconduct. Violations of this policy will result in immediate removal from any on-going course and exclusion from future courses. All exchanges (verbal or otherwise) with other students, The Program Administrator, course instructor, and administrative staff must be professional and polite. 

Student Ethics Policy

The Magick Kitchen’s Education Program’s goal is to educate, enrich and support our students’ spiritual and religious practice. Students working on The Magick Kitchen courses are expected to submit their own work and to conduct their own research. At the same time, we encourage students to work together to provide mutual help in learning.

Part of the educational and enrichment experience is to make friends and build your own network of supporters. Our courses are offered on the basis of trust – assuming the good intentions, integrity, and moral character of our students is impeccable. 

Authorized Use of Class Materials and Recordings

At no time may the materials, course content, or the recordings of any class conducted by The Magick Kitchen be reproduced, edited or copied without written authorization by The Magick Kitchen. All class materials and content are solely owned by the Magick Kitchen and may only be used outside the class and or contrary as instructed by the class/student policies and course description of the class.

Retention of Student Content

The Magick Kitchen cannot be responsible for retention of work submitted by the student. Students should retain backup copies of all work submitted during a course. The student is responsible to inquire if she/he has not received notice of successful completion of the course within one week of the end of the course session. We cannot retain student records and activity in an online course after the end of a course session unless advance arrangements have been made. 


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