COVID-19 and The Witch

COVID-19 and The Witch

The foretelling of hysteria, and what now.

I am sure many of you remember this reading not so long ago. January 2020, New moon card reading using my Magickal Herb Oracle.

In my reading, I could see something serious coming, but I could not tell it would be of this magnitude. I could tell we needed to come together and form cohesive and supportive bonds.

Many of us are scared and confuse about what is actually going on and rightfully so. There is a slew of misinformation out there. It also appears that there is no means of being tested if you suspect you might be infected. My coven and I have been discussing this event to a great extent. I am grateful that we have one another as support.

Many solitary Witches strongly denounce the idea of being part of a coven family. Rightly so, many of you out there have had some seriously bad experiences. I can totally relate, I have also had some really terrible experiences. It seems like some toxicity just doesn’t go away! After being severely burned, I, too, adopted a solitary path for my sanity and safety. I think as I have grown on my path, I have come to also understand that community is essential. It is vital to remaining balanced, sane, and healthy. After all, we are human, and we need social interaction. We need our tribe! We need support in the company of others where we can feel valued and understood. After many years of running away from the coven dynamic, I have come back to appreciate it’s value.

The women in my coven are amazing. I must recognize their efforts to support and uplift on another. We have been talking openly about the current emergency, sharing tips for staying healthy, and comforting one another when one of us feels especially anxious. We are the embodiment of the community. I could not be more satisfied and prouder!

Recently, we have decided to share recipes and craft activities with one another to help boost morale and keep our hands and minds occupied and off social media. When we come together to share ideas and inspiration, we further create a solid foundation for others who might come to our coven seeking support and family. Creating and reinforcing that safety net is critical as we move forward into the unknown.

As we face times laced with increasing uncertainty, you might not have a magickal family with whom you can share and vent. This is a time when you must look out for yourself and take time away from the chaos. I thought it would be good to offer to you some of my favorite recipes and ideas for staying calm. Check them out, and hopefully, you find something that will ease your anxiety, stress and take your mind off of the state of the world today.

Self-care Body Scrub

While you are locked up in your house, you can make a bunch of refreshing bath and body products for your own use. Try making a simple body scrub using sugar or salt and a little olive or coconut oil. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to this mix if you feel like it.

Simply mix together your ingredients to form a paste. Next, run a warm bath or shower and take your new scrub with you and take time to care for your skin. Use a small amount and gently massage it into your skin as needed or desired.

Bake, Cook & Be Merry!

Treat this like another holiday. Afterall Ostara is just around the corner. Try some of these delicious recipes while you are at home. Oh and don’t forget the spell work attached to many of these recipes.


Mixed Berry Bannocks

Blueberry Tart Recipe


Main Dishes

Easy Beef Lo Mein

Potato Soup in A Slow Cooker



Kale, Apple & Raisin Salad

Jalapeno Melon Salad, Recipe and Spell Aspects


Plan your Ostara Event, even if it’s only you and your cat! 😉


I hope you can find a few things here that will help you make it through these crazy times.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay sane.

Bright Blessings,





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