Curse Banishing Sachet

TheMagickKitchenCurseBanishingSpell2Curse Banishing Sachet

by Leandra Witchwood

Intention: This sachet (or Spell Bag) is designed to eat up and disable the curse energy being sent you. You should wear this sachet at all times so it can effectively absorb negative energy.
When to perform: During the Waning or Dark moon
Tools, Supplies & Purpose:
1 Black Cotton Cloth or Linen Cloth bag or pouch The color black will absorb negative energy.
1 White Candle For focus, sealing, and practicality
1 Black twine, cord, or thread, about 9” long This will serve to bind the spell and as a closure for your sachet.
2 Peach pit, dried Peach is highly effective in protection and warding off negative & vengeful energies/spirit.
1 Chicory root, dried or fresh Chicory will help make you invisible to oncoming energy.
1 Sprig of Rosemary, dry & broken into 3 sections Rosemary will help cleanse the negative energy.
  Something of your own, like a finger nail clipping or hair. This will help bind the spell directly to you. It will also allow the sachet to work a short distance away from you. (i.e. if you need to lay it on your nightstand table while you sleep.)
1 Medium bowl Iron is excellent at destroying negative energy
  A knife or carving tool  
  Black Destroyer oil & Water Helps destroy curses, negative energy, envy, hatred and other ill intentions directed toward you and your family.



  1. Prepare your sacred space during the Waning or Dark Moon.
  2. Arrange your workspace. Place your black piece of cloth or bag in the center of your altar with the white candle just above. Place and organize all of your ingredients in a semi-circle near your cloth.
  3. Begin your ritual as you prefer. (calling, casting, etc)
  4. Light the white candle
  5. Take up your peach pit and carving tool. Begin carving the following protection rune into your peach pit while repeating the following verse.
Protection Rune

I summon protection against cursed energy sent my way, with the power of Peach you are kept at bay.

  1. Drip some of the wax from your candle over the carving and lay it in the center of your black fabric or place it in your bag.
  2. Take your bowl and add the following ingredients Chicory and. Add then one at a time while saying the following words as you add each ingredient.
With Chicory, makes you blind and it is me you will no longer see.
With Rosemary negativity is cleansed times three (add the three segments individually)
  1. Add something that comes from you. This will be your finger nail clipping, or hair.
  2. Stirring counter clockwise. You will need to move this mixture for 90 seconds while saying this chant

Abolish and break, this course I overtake.

Unhinged and unbound, release be found.

Abolish and break, your power I take.

Be now destroyed, your power is void.

  1. Place everything in the center of your cloth or inside your pouch/bag.
  2. Run your twine through the wax in your candle
  3. Gather up the corners of your bag and tie it tight with the twine. If you bag already has a closure you can use the waxed twine as an extra closure and/or a belt loop.
  4. Lastly you will need to place a small amount of Black Destroyer Oil in a bowl of water. Using the bowl from your spell is ideal. Dip your fingers into the oil and water mixture and lightly sprinkle into all the corners, dark areas, and general areas of your home, paying close attention to where you and others may walk.


So Mote It BE!


The spell is complete.

You will need to renew the bag as often as you feel it is necessary. It will depend on the strength or intensity of the energy being sent your way.

You will also need to have this sachet on you at all times. When it is touching you it is most effective. Carry it in your pocket or wear it as a necklace.

© 2014, The Magick Kitchen

Leandra Witchwood
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