Curses, Hexes and Magickal Attacks

Curses, Hexes and Magickal Attacks

So you’re cursed. Man that really sucks. Curses are vile, hate-fulled, and horrible to experience.

But… wait… Are you certain? How do you know?

I honestly don’t mean to sound condescending or harsh. It is just very hard to tell if you have been cursed. There are several considerations to make, and many factors to weigh.

Curses, Hexes, and Magickal Attacks are filled with intense hatred and even rage. This is one reason why they can be so powerful. Curses come in different forms including self-infliction. This is why it is important to take a good look at the “who, what, and why” before we assume. We must also look at our subconscious before we convince ourselves we have been cursed.

If you are certain that without a shadow of a doubt, you have been cursed, then there are more questions to answer. Like… What did you do and are you sure they have the skill and focus required to complete a curse? and… again… Are you sure you didn’t cursed yourself?


Believe it or not, self-cursing is the most common form of hex. Yep, I am sure you have cursed yourself on a number of occasions without even knowing it. You could be experiencing a curse of your own making right now.

Another phenomenon to consider when evaluating your “curse” are natural cycles. Everyone has high points and low points in life. If you feel that your high points are much lower than they should be then perhaps you should look at other factors that might affect your natural rhythm. Are there people in your life who hinder you from going above and beyond your current situation? Are there restrictive or negative habits you unknowingly hold on to? Do you engage in regular negative self-talk?

There is much to consider when we discuss cursing. There are so many factors, most are obscure and arbitrary.

What gets to me is that very few seem to be discussing curses, their power, and the personal origins. I think people are afraid to discuss this “HOT BUTOON” topic.  There are plenty of DIY curse breaking spells out there, some with detailed instructions, while others are laughable.  In fact no matter how good they are, they will do you no benefit if you are the one serving up the infliction. So I am brought to discuss this touchy topic. Here I will be discussing the philosophy and consequences of performing curses. I will also include in the discussion the use of inner power. The power you have that gives you the ability to block, deflect, and break curses.

First, let’s talk a little about cursing someone…

Curses take a great deal of power and determination. They take skill, time, and they come at a very high price. So for someone to accurately perform a curse he/she must have adequate knowledge, skill set, and be willing to pay the price. Since the price and skill level required are both high, not too many will perform a curse without adequate justification and/or compensation.

Now, you can decide for yourself what consequence will befall you. For some it is the “Rule of Three” or “The Three Fold Law of Return”. Some say you pay with your soul, although this is more a Christian belief, passed down to us through religious propaganda and Hollywood.

I see it as a birth of negativity. Mentally when we get into the habit of revenge and negativity we become consumed. We start a downward spiral that is not easily stopped. Revenge and severe hatred are like a rancid wound that grows the more you engage it. Your payment is not necessary one of  tangible nature, rather it could be the creation of a life filled with anxiety, negativity, unhappiness, and worse.  Don’t get me wrong, anger has its place. Revenge also has its place, when warranted, but these cases are few and far between. If you are considering cursing someone you better be prepared to deal with the repercussions.  When that wheel turns, it will bring with it all the ills you have projected.

As in most spell work no one can passively spat out a curse and expect it to be effective. Also there are plenty of other factors to consider. Free will and the strength of the victim’s mind, being the biggest.

Serious curses are not for instances of fleeting anger. They are not for the anger felt when someone cuts you off in traffic or steals your boyfriend. Although there are some fun ones out there for such occurrences. To me when we use curses in such a way we cheapen their effectiveness and severity.



The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli

Let’s shift out discussion to being a victim of a curse.

Someone with the necessary skills is pissed off at you and you are stuck with this cursed life. What now?

When I have someone come to me as the victim of a curse, asking how to break it I have several questions I pose to them before we do anything.

I might start with these:

  1. Why do you think you are cursed? What has occurred over what period of time to convince you that you are cursed?
  2. Who could have done this to you?
  3. Does this person(s) have the ability to accurately perform a curse?
  4. How is your mental state? Are you feeling guilty, dejected, or ousted?
  5. Have you taken a good look at your own habits that could play a role in the ills or bad luck you experience?

These questions take time to retort. The person answering may not be ready to dig deep to get answers, and those who do need time. Take some time and take a long hard look at you.  It is so very important that you look deep, and make sure that your misgivings are not self-inflicted.

I would say 98% of the time, curses are self-inflicted. Honestly, you have a MUCH greater chance of becoming a victim of a Psychic Vampire over a curse.

Breaking curse is tricky work. Without knowing exactly what curse has been placed on you, it is very difficult to directly break the curse. Never fear, you have options. Difficult does not mean impossible.

I will share with you a list of mental exercises and states I have found useful. I find them to be very effective in breaking and blocking curses. If you take time with yourself every day, curses will have no chance of being effective


A positive mental attitude: Have you ever observed someone who has a positive mental attitude. Sure some people can be over the top sickening, but there is something in there, beyond the bubble gum, bunnies, and rainbows. Things don’t bother them easily. It almost seems like good fortune seeks them out.

This is key to building a solid defense. Build a wall of “I can” instead of “I can’t”, “I’m worth” and “I am powerful” instead of “Why Me”. Balance yourself so that you are still you, but instead of leaning toward the Debbie Downer ledge, you stand up straight and direct yourself with deliberate positive self-talk. Look at a personality like Wednesday Adams. Even though she is fictional, she make a good example. Her character is strong and confident, she is positive, and yet dark. You can acheive such contrast without losing who you are.

Mind your thoughts and when you find that inner mean girl is coming out to sabotage you, blast her with a your unyielding will and make her go away.

A solid support system: Having supportive, loving people near you is always helpful. They can act as sounding boards for your thoughts, concerns, frustrations, and they help you sort through the tough times. Keep at least one solid friendship with a positive person.


Regular Cleansing: Sage, Black Destroyer Oil,  herbal floor washes, you choose your preferred method. Take time every day, month, or every 3 months (depending on how you feel) and cleanse the place where you live and work. Get into the corners, crevices, and any dark spaces where negative energy can hide. Also make sure your sleeping area/bedroom is cleansed and clutter free.

Use meditation and self-reflection to perform an inner cleansing. This is a great way to refresh and refocus.


A solid set of personal values: What do you value in your life? Think about it. Write them down. Do you value relationships, peace, prosperity, love???? Values are important and often over looked defenses. Values help shape our moral compass, so get a few and make them good. When you live by your own personal set of values you will live life with purpose. You will be focused and less likely to step in a trap.


A Solid Moral Compass: Don’t give anyone a reason to curse you. Usually when we act like civil human beings, we avoid trespassing against others. Admittedly, this is no guarantee. People can be vengeful even when you have done nothing wrong. Regardless, establishing a good moral compass is very helpful and at least offers you a great defense.


A strong mental focus with and wavering personal will: When you focus yourself and develop an unwavering will, you cannot be placed under the control or suggestion of anyone else. Simply put, you cannot be cursed. So meditate, listen to your intuition, know your mind, know your triggers, and know your higher self. Use and trust your inner guide and you will be strong enough to resist and even deflect curses.

So there you have it. Curses in a nutshell.

Yes they stink and they are most certainly tricky, but I am not sure they are NOT something you should feel anxious about.

I wish you the brightest of blessings and I invite you to comment and share this post. Thank you for stopping by!

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