Episode 17: Finding and Maintaining Balance

Welcome to Episode 17 of our Kitchen Witch Table Talks,

Advice for Beginners Series where I discuss the need for finding and maintaining balance in your practice and mundane life.

Balance is not something you strive for and achieve once in life or Magick. It is something that must be continually adjusted and evaluated on your journey.

You will need to find ways to effectively balance your home life, professional life, social life, Magickal life and spiritual life. Striking and maintaining balance will help you feel more at ease when things seem stressful. Knowing how you achieve balance will help you right things when they are turned upside down.

There are many techniques out there that will help you find and maintain your personal balance. The key is to seek out different modalities and try them until you find a few that work well for you. Once you find a few methods that work for you, implement these approaches and practice them daily.

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