Episode 19 of our Kitchen Witch Table Talks, Know Thyself

Welcome to Episode 19 of our Kitchen Witch Table Talks,
Advice for Beginners Series where I discuss the importance of knowing yourself intimately.

Power does not come from imitation. Power comes from learning who you are and living your life as your authentic self. In knowing yourself you are able to tap into a wealth of potential that most spend a lifetime unrealized.

This potential is what helps you stand firmly in what you believe, with an unwavering ability to draw upon your personal strength and stamina. Others will find it very difficult to manipulate you and most importantly they will find it nearly impossible to damage your spirit.

For many getting to know the real you takes time and effort. Some must become comfortable with being alone in meditation or reflection. Others may find that they need to forgive themselves for past mistakes and forgive others for past trauma and pain.

Humans have many coping mechanisms and disguising that mask who we really are.These learned tendencies are a clever tool, sometimes so clever we even deceive ourselves. Sometimes what we think is our real self, turns out to be a fabrication we create in order to keep ourselves safe or as a way to fit in with society.

The issue with not living your life authentically is that you create for yourself misery and blockages that prevent you from realizing and utilizing your true potential. It is time to stand in your own power and show the world the shining brilliance within.

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1 thought on “Episode 19 of our Kitchen Witch Table Talks, Know Thyself”

  1. Sipho Mike Mvelase

    I am fascinated about your work that share my sentiments about living your life without fear or favour to loose friends for the truth to save the masses that are in dire need for knowledge to be self sustainable.

    We are all challenged to engage and save this world that need our skills to express witness of Almighty.

    I will be your fan as my mind is always touched by creative minds for creative items to keep us moving. We are the journey . Thank you.

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