Full Moon Money Bath

Full Moon Money Bath

The Magick Kitchen Full Moon Money Bath

Intention: Increase financial flow and abundance

When to perform:

At the time of the Full Moon
Tools, Supplies & Purpose:
1 Cloth Sachet Bag or reusable tea bag or tea strainer This for practicality, it will hold the herbs so they do not clog your drain or get all over the place.
3 Parts Dried Basil To attract money
1 Part Cinnamon To attract Money & raise your spiritual vibrations
1 Part Clove To attract Money & raise your spiritual vibrations



  1. Place all the ingredients in the sachet bag or tea strainer and run a warm bath. Make the bath as warm as you can stand.
  2. Submerge the sachet in the water and allow it to steep.
  3. During the full moon soak in this brew to raise your vibrations on the spiritual level so Money will be attracted to you.
  4. As you soak envision your wallet, bank account and/or bills being very satisfied.
  5. When the water turns cold, drain the bath. Immediately bury the contents of your sachet.

© 2014, The Magick Kitchen

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Leandra Witchwood

I just want good food and to live a Magickal life! Is that so much to ask?
Through persistence, I found the honest answer… I can have both! I realize that I could forge my own path using the skills and knowledge I gained, and the simplest of techniques.

I love food and everything that goes with it. I have spent more than 35 years in the kitchen, enjoying every minute. Okay… well, enjoying almost every minute of it.

In addition, I have disbursed nearly as many years studying Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism. Combining these two interests has created a Magickal path where I combine food and spirituality. To my delight they play brilliantly together.

My love of whole healthy foods, and unique recipes has also lead me to help run a local teen cooking program, where I teach kids valuable life skills in the kitchen. In addition, I teach a variety of cooking classes for adults and covens on subjects ranging from making the time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable, to cooking together as a group, and recipe-spell creation.

It only made sense that I would begin writing and sharing my experience. From this, The Magick Kitchen was born. My journey with you is about developing a spiritual experience with food, far beyond the dull habit of consumption. We have a marvelous opportunity here to take a most mundane task and make it Magickal!

The Magick Kitchen is about connecting to Divinity through food and the ritual of preparing and sharing food. It is about developing a sacred balance between nourishment, ritual, and spirit. Food has the power to heal, sooth, and bring us together as friends, families, and community.

I am so glad you joined me! Sharing knowledge, experience, and personal perspective with you is an honor. Thank you!
Leandra Witchwood
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  2. What was the answer to this question? I am new to this website and am unsure where to find this answer.

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