Kitchen Witch Table Talks Episode 6: Educate Yourself

Welcome to Kitchen Witch Table Talks, Advice for Beginners Series 

Episode 6: Educate Yourself 

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In this talk, I touch on the need to educate yourself. Wicca and Witchcraft are paths of knowledge; we never stop learning. Our continued education is what keeps us motivated, inspired, and connected to each step we take.

Of course, educating yourself takes dedication, everything related to Wicca and Witchcraft takes dedication. You have to hold yourself accountable and continually seek out the knowledge you need to know. It is about the journey rather than a destination.

There is a world of knowledge out there for you to explore and absorb. Take it slowly and make it fun.

This Vlog is an extension of my blog post from my blog site,

Please visit my educational site where I offer a variety of self-study, on-demand Esoteric classes. 

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