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9 thoughts on “Let Us Hear From YOU!”

  1. I am so happy and overjoyed that I found your page. It’s like a home feeling. I have subscribed and can’t wait for my first newsletter. Thank you and Blessed Be )O(

    1. How wonderful to get your email. I have been practicing for 50+ years, some in covens but most as solitary. Your site is chocked full or very good information. I love to imbue magick into all the meals I make. I also love canning, freezing, drying and jam/jelly making the gifts of the Earth I have in my gardens and those find as I travelled around the mountains and streams where I live in Pacific coastal British Columbia, Canada. My greatest gift from the Earth is the flours I get to bake breads for all my neighbors, family, my husband’s church and friends. I bake breads of all kinds for our local fall fair. I usually earn $300.00 which I gifted to our community school for bursaries. Oh yeah, I also eat loads of warm loads of rolls and breads slathered with butter and some of my homemade jam. I also teach baking in a beehive outdoor oven for our country fair. No one who buys my breads know they are getting a bit of magick in every bite. Oh and I also make wines and cordials. I usually save these for myself, but can be talked out of a bottle as long as it is not my mead (used for ritual), raspberry wine, my summer wine or blackberry cordial. You have to come for a visit to get any of those.

  2. Your site is awesome, thank you for providing it. One question I have been studying for years and my conflict is the other people that live in the house. Their respect for what I practice. It is hard to be positive consistently when others are always sitting around doing nothing, it’s hard to study and do the things you need to do when their always negative. how do you get around this.

    1. There are a few options you can create for yourself. Each of them boils down to having sacred space where you can practice. Without knowing the details of your living situation, I can only offer you some general suggestions.
      1. You can create a space for yourself where you can practice either while your roomies are away or a room where they will not enter. Perhaps your bedroom or even closet will work for temporary needs.
      2. You can practice while they are away in the accommodations you already have available. If they are “homebodies,” this will prove an issue.
      3. You can move out and find a place of your own
      4. You need to find a coven or group you can practice with; one that has a covenstead and is filled with like-minded folks in an establish sacred space.
      I am a huge advocate for having a dedicates sacred space where you can practice. In my home, I converted our Sunroom into this space. It took some time to create but through my efforts and insistence, it is now a very calming and Magickal room in my home.

  3. Lendra where are you from? You an adept? Who are your divine correspondences?
    You train apprentices? You ever been a teacher? Reading materials, can you recomend some for me on, invokation and evokation?
    I’m an Obrimos Mage, by knowledge of the sciences you would think me a journeyman, however by practical application Standards, I’m a amature. I could use some effective training….1 on 1 training….
    I don’t know how well versed you are on the theurgical sciences, and the Magickal properties there within however anything you can teach me will be incorporated and useful….i’ll pay a pretty penny for Instruction and Training…

    1. MM,
      I do offer classes and personal mentoring/training programs. You can take several audio-video classes through my not-for-profit educational foundation site here: http://leandrawitchwood.com/
      This is separate from my personal or 1-on-1 teaching and ordaining programs I offer locally through my coven The Indigo Hearth. http://themagickkitchen.com/the-indigo-hearth/
      I am familiar with the knowledge you seek. While I do teach henosis and unity with Divinity, I don’t teach or follow Theurgy per-say. While much of my teachings are ritualistic, they might not mesh with what you seek. I am a Dragon Master and this my primary educational focus in addition to Kitchen Witchcraft and similar modalities.

  4. I found your podcast after researching herbal remedies for everyday pains and migraines and then realizing that the day to day things that I do in my home and all the things I put into it make me a witch. I’ve decided to embrace my Green Kitchen Witch 🙂 Growing up in the south I am familiar with the superstitions and am researching now how they are connected and how they trace back and where they go. I can’t tell you how many times this podcast, just in the 2nd season has caused me to nod my head in agreement or jot down something that I want to research more. Thank you so much for helping us new “baby” witches have somewhere to start when it seems like everything is spinning. I am very much looking forward to my personal growth and seeing where this new path takes me!

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