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Starting out on a Pagan path we quickly discover that there are several lifetimes worth of information to learn and explore.

Finding a qualified teacher to help you do this is critical. The right teacher will help you grow and understand complicated knowledge as you learn to develop into your authentic self.

When we set out to find a good teacher we can often run into many “road blocks” that can either distract us from our path or frustrate us on our search. When looking for a qualified teacher you much be very critical and learn to ask many questions of your potential leader or teacher.

I have included a form you can use to evaluate potential leaders, teachers, and covens. You can download the form via this link:  spiritual-and-religious-teacher-evaluation-sheet

This form will allow you and encourage you to ask the tough questions everyone should consider when forming delicate working and spiritual relationships. There are many obstacles you might need to come over as you seek, and going in with as much knowledge as you can is critical to having a positive experience.

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