Magickal Edible Flowers, Part 1

Magickal Edible Flowers, Part 1

Beautifully delicious ingredients are a unique culinary treat. Edible flowers may seem very odd to some, perhaps this is why they are often over looked.

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Now that spring is here, many of us have plans of planting vegetable and herb gardens. If you are like me planting and maintaining a garden is part of your Magickal and spiritual practice. This year my household is going through a huge transition. We are moving and need to rebuild our garden in our new home. There are raised beds to construct, soil to move, and till… The works.

This gave me the idea to expand our garden from the traditional herb, vegetable, and fruit selections. This year, I am planning an edible flower garden to accompany our usual line up.

As I mentioned, gardening and growing my own food is very much a part of my spiritual practice. Gardening reminds me that each seed I plant must be tended. Once that seed grows and matures, we are nourished by the earth for the energy dispersed. Think of it as a metaphor for the undertaking of a long our spiritual journey. You must put in the work to reap the benefit.

Gardening for me just seems like a natural part of being a Kitchen Witch. Kitchen Magick is more than following a recipe and adding in some Magickal Mojo. It is about changing the way we do things. Its about living more connected with the earth, seasons, and developing a close relationship with our food. It is important that we know the origins of our food as much as possible. Gardening or rather, growing your own food is the best way to do this.

Furthermore, we learn about our food and develop our culinary skill in the kitchen by sampling the variety of fresh whole foods available. The multitude of fresh ingredients we can make available to ourselves, helps us expand our Magickal knowledge and culinary abilities.

I know most people feel that they simply can’t grow things. Understandable; gardening can be sheer overwhelm. There are many things to consider, and know before you begin your garden… much less maintain it.

Then there is the issue of not having enough space or a yard to house your garden. One solution can be to grow edible flowers. You can plant many varieties in pots that hang in window sills or rest in a sunny spots in your kitchen. Most don’t take up too much room and if you can give them a little TLC, they will grow and bloom for you. If growing your own still seems like an impossible task, try looking into local Community Supported Agriculture and your local farmer’s markets for solutions. There are many options out there for you to try.

One reason why I advocate growing your own is that flower petals are especially delicate and do not last very long when stored after being cut form the plant. Having the ability to use them immediately, will ensure you have the freshest possible ingredients. This is just one example of the benefit you can have when growing your own edible flowers.

In this post I hope to give you a good examples of edible flowers you can incorporate into your recipes. Here is the USA, eating flowers is not a custom. When I talk to about adding flowers to salads, dessert, and savory dishes, most people look at me like I have three heads. The status quo keeps many of us from the savoring diversity. So let’s break away and try something different.

Import notes about edible flowers

Only consume flowers you know are safe to eat and chemical free. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when purchasing plants to grow and eat.

Accurately and positively identify the flower(s) you plan to consume.

Use flowers sparingly in recipes. Many flowers have a very strong flavor that can overpower dishes.

Do not consume flowers growing near road sides. Flowers too close to roads are subject to run off containing a variety of harmful contaminates.

Be sure you understand and use caution with some flowers, as they may have health concerns when used in large quantities and by those with specific physiological conditions.

5 edible flowers to get you started…


borage-byFrank WittkowskiBorage

Borago officinalis

Also known as: Starflower

Magickal Attributes: Courage and Psychic Powers

Flavor: Anise flavor

Use: Goes well in cream soups, vegetable, and fruit salads. Use to garnish desserts or freeze in ice to use in iced tea.

Companion Planting: Plant near legumes, spinach tomatoes, and strawberries.

Caution: Pregnant and Lactating women should avoid borage, unless under the direction of a licensed profession.


carnation-byDel GreenCarnation


Also known as: Pinks

Magickal Attributes: Love, Protection, Strength & Health/Healing

Flavor: Sweet Clove, spicy flavor

Use: Chop and mix into salads, custards, sorbet, and syrups. Use to garnish cakes.



Anthriscus cerefolium

Also known as: French Parsley

Magickal Attributes: Creativity, Inspiration & Rejuvenation

Flavor: Subtle aniseed or licorice flavor

Use: Use with fish/seafood dishes, poultry, spring vegetables, and omelets. Also, use to garnish soups and salads.




Also known as: Mum

Magickal Attributes: Protection

Flavor: Strong bitter flavor

Use: Steam for use in tea or as a vegetable green. Use to garnish salads, clear soups, and stir-fry dishes.

Caution: Do not consume florist or nursery-grown plants. These are usually treated with non-food grade chemicals.



Cichorium intybus

Also known as: Blue Daisy, Blue Weed, Cornflower, etc.

Magickal Attributes: Removing obstacles, Favors, Frugality, and Invisibility

Flavor: Bitter

Use: Cook to reduce bitterness. Use in pasta, bean, and in meat dishes. Also use in coffee and salads.

While eating flowers is not typical for American diets we can diversify a little when we choose. We can dazzle our friends and family with appealing culinary treats by adding a few floral accents to our best loved dishes. Take your favorite flavors to a new level and ENJOY!

I know you want more… Above are only 5 of the many edible flowers out there. I will touch on more of them in another post. In the meantime, you can download my quick reference guides for your kitchen. Each chart is designed to make your life easier when creating Magick in the kitchen. Click the link to instantly download your copies today!



I invite your feedback.

Tell me what you think.

I love to know what my readers are up to and how you put the thoughts and experiences shared here to use in your life.

Also, if you have any suggestions on subjects for future posts let me know your thoughts. I’m listening.

Bright Blessing!



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