March 20 Supermoon and Solar Eclipse

March 20 Spring Equinox New Supermoon and Solar Eclipse

Magick is afoot – Change is at hand


The Community is a BUZZ with the March 20th Equinox Solar Eclipse and Supermoon.  

The universe will be gracing us with some substantial power on March 20th. I have been reading about this unique New Moon hoping to give you some tasty tidbits to chew on before March 20th. What does this unique occurrence mean? How can we harness the power? For what can/should we use this energy?

This is the beginning of ANYTHING you want!


The Sun, Moon, and Earth will be exquisitely aligned on this day bringing us substantial energy. Many feel the energy building. I have been feeling it for days, and it feels good. Although, to some it may feel unsettling. Rightly so, this energy is all about transformation. Those of us who are seeking change and a new beginning, we should not allow this opportunity to slip through our fingers. It would seem that everything is in place, and all we need to do is show up and be specifically present.

New moon energy is well known and valued for its association with spring, new beginnings, and change. The new/dark moon symbolizes the inkling of an idea, and new projects or goals. It can also help remove obstacles. The spring equinox holds many of the same energies. When the sun, earth, and moon align perfectly in this rare phenomenon, you can bet there will be power to spare.
The New or sometimes called Dark Moon is filled with opposite energy compared to a full moon. Just as Samhain is the counter balance to Beltane, the dark moon in counter to the full moon. This contrast brings us in balance as we follow moon cycles and practice our craft accordingly.

Moon_Phase_Diagram_for_Simple_English_WikipediaSome feel the dark or new moon is dark energy, and should be used with caution. To be realistic, all energy should be used with caution. Energy is energy, it has no positive or negative predilections. Our intentions are what make the energy positive vs negative. You determine the type or personality of energy you bring to the party.

If you were to look at the energy of the dark or new moon in a neutral sense, it appears to have a pulling force rather than radiating energy. The full moon, to me feels more radiant as it reflects the sun’s light and shines upon us. Of course the full moon has its own vacuum like energy, as it beckons and pulls the tides, but it not the same as the dark moon. The dark moon’s energy pulls things away from us, in a subtle fashion, it’s more ghostly if you will. It is certainly more elusive.

When combined with the equinox, and a solar eclipse you can bet this energy will be felt intensely. This moon will unlock it cloaked energy and be felt with intensity. The energy generated by this rare phenomenon will be concentrated. Energy as intense as this will undoubtedly be challenging to handle.

I have a personal example for you, of how one should use caution with intense Magickal energy. Years ago, when I was a cocky newb, I thought I could handle intense Magickal energy on my own. To be honest I can’t remember the ritual or the purpose of it. All I remember is that I was completely unprepared.

Once manifested, this energy came to me in the form of giant white dragon and it literally knocked me on my ass. My knees buckled and my head was swimming. I was so distraught I could not ground my energy. On the verge of vomiting, I managed to make it outside where I could lay on the soil and grass. It took me about an hour to recover enough to stand up. The entire day after, I had a splitting headache with no relief. I learned my lesson, and I now take great care when dealing with intense energy.

You might want to have a certain level of Magickal or energetic endurance if you plan to raise a significant amount of energy on March 20th. This is no game or novelty, if you dabble, you will get knocked on your butt too. This may be a time when practicing with a friend or group is ideal.

Take time to prepare yourself. Meditate, and do some inner spiritual work before you work with this moon. You will also want to make sure you are taking appropriate measures to ensure your body is in good condition. Stretch your muscles, make sure you are well hydrated, and not sick or feeling tired. These measures can help you greatly. I can only imagine how much worse my experience could have been if I was not well hydrated, and in good physical condition.

Summoning assistance

One last note: The March 20th Supermoon is in Pisces. This means you can call to aquatic and semi-aquatic creatures for assistance. Think of mermaids, sirens, frogs, dragon flies, water dragons, water nymphs, fish, dolphins & whales, and more. These creatures will be especially strong as they, like Pisces, are ruled by Neptune/Poseidon.

Pisces and water are one together, obviously… So water will be something you will want to have on hand. You can use this moon to create Sacred Water just as you might under the full moon. This will help you summon the power of this unique event when you cook, make tea, etc.

Now that we understand the potential here, what should we do about it? I can’t speak for you, or plan anything for you without knowing your personal needs. But, I will share with you the ritual I have planned. Feel free to use this as inspiration for your own ritual for change during this momentous opportunity.

Ostara Supermoon Charging spell

I plan to use this moon’s energy to infuse one of my favorite necklaces with specific energy related to my own goals and needs. You can do the same with a few personal modifications to suite your needs. This particular necklace was a gift from my sister-in-law and I adore it. It is ideal because it is made of silver, and in the image of the goddess. It could not be more perfect.

You can choose any piece of jewelry or item you prefer for your working. You only need one item, but I know of many people who will be charging as many items as they can. One friend plans to haul her alter outside and placing upon it anything and everything possible.

Keep in mind that this moon is all about change, so the energy you infuse into your objects will reflect change. Use caution and remain absolutely focused during your working.


3 days prior… Wash your item or items well with water, soap, etc. If you have items that are silver polish them with baking soda, water, and a soft cloth. This will make them nice and shiny.

Place your item(s) in salt for 3 days. I have my necklace in a glass jar filled with salt and capped with a cork.

One the evening of Supermoon; set up your altar out in an area where the moon light normally touches. This will be a little difficult to judge because the dark or new moon is well… dark. So use spaces that are open to the sky or find areas in your home/yard where you know moonlight touches.

Cover your table/surface with cloth. I like to cover my table in black cloth for most moon rituals. However, you can choose colors related to new beginnings, change, and growth. Pastels, yellow, orange, and even green will work nicely. A white cloth would also be very suiting as it can symbolize the contract of the full moon to balance the energies of the dark/new moon.

Arrange your item or items on you surface so that nothing over laps, and everything is exposed to the moon. Light a few candles if you feel the need, and prep your sacred space as you see fit. Once you are settled, you can begin focusing on your needs and desires for this unique energy.

Here is where your own words and energy come in. Here is where your focus and intent needs to be specific and unbroken. I cannot form the words for you. This has to be all you, as I am not privy to your personal needs/desires. Only you know your needs, and only you can fully articulate your needs to the universe. What you say does not have to be clever or even rhythm. It only has to be genuine and filled with your essence.

Energy follows focus! You must be in it 110%!** Take some time now before the event to write down your needs and desires as they relate to your life and needs. Remember change is the theme here.

Stand or sit at your altar. You will want to be very comfortable as you might be here for a while.

Clearly envision in your mind’s eye, the area or areas in your life where you need to see change. Perhaps you are already in the middle of project and you need to pull away some obstacles so progress can be attained. Your intent may be centered on a bad habit that needs to change, or a false mind set, etc. Just remember to be clear.

Hold your item and picture your needs clearly. See change happening. See the benefits manifesting. See yourself reaching your goals, see justice being served, and all your needs being met. See yourself receiving just rewards for your hard work. Feel how good it feels to be fulfilled and happy. Bask in the

warm glow of this bliss. If you have words prepared, you should speak them now.

Let this energy flow just under your skin. Feel it prickle and tingle as it moves into your hands and fingers. Allow this energy to be free and grow in strength. If unhindered it will have its own intensity. This is where you will need your stamina. Do not try to hold it back or control it. Just allow it to manifest and develop. Your spiritual and emotional endurance will determine how much of this energy you can house before you will need to release it. When the threshold is met, release into the object. Hold nothing back.  

Repeat this for each object. If your needs and intentions differ from one object to another that is okay, just be focused and specific each time you restart the process with a new item. As you can imagine, this mounting and flow of energy can exhaust you quickly. Don’t overdo it. This is why I choose to only focus on one item.

When you are finished with your item or items, leave it/them to soak up the moon’s power. DO NOT dwell on the working or the energy raised. You do not want to call it back to you. Fully let it go. Just leave your item(s) and walk away.

In the morning (you will want to do this before the sun rises), remove your items and place them in black cloth. Store them away until their use is required. Or if you plan to use your item(s) right away do so. Close your scared space and clean everything up.

Now! You have some thinking and planning to do. This is an exciting occasion and I hope you will make the most of it. Just remember to be focused, specific, and ready for change.  Don’t feel like you have to do anything exactly as I instructed here. This event is up to you. No one can give you a cookie cutter mold to follow. There are no guarantees. All you can do is make the best effort and stay positive. I hope this helps inspire you and it helps lead you to the results you need.

Blessed Be!

**This is my disclaimer and warning about performing spells for change. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL and be extremely clear in what you want to manifest. Many times dramatic change is necessary in order to get our butts moving in the right direction. Sometimes we need that slap in the face to make us realize our path. All change spells have the potential to turn your life completely upside down and backward. This is especially true when we, as practitioners, are blind to our true path, or when we are in denial about what we really should/need to be doing. This is also true when we are vague in our requests for change. Sometimes the road we need to travel is not easy. Prepare yourself for anything and be specific about needs/desires. If you are resistant to change you should not perform a working during this event. As I mentioned, energy follows focus. You’re your focus must be clear and undistracted. This phenomenon promises to be especially intense I am certain it will have a strong cause and effect.  Expect the unexpected and prepare yourself for transformation.


I invite your feedback.

Tell me what you think.

I love to know what my readers are up to and how you put the thoughts and experiences shared here to use in your life.

Also, if you have any suggestions on subjects for future posts let me know your thoughts. I’m listening.

Bright Blessing!



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