March Tea Ceremony & Women’s’ Circle

Tea Ceremony & Women’s’ Circle

March 13, 2020 | 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm


The power of harnessing your feminine energy.

Magic happens when women come together. This is the power of a women’s circle. Let me show you how we can use tea, guided meditation and the power of women to deeply connect to feminine energy.

Women’s circle & Tea – the feminine experience

Historically women would come together to share the experience of life. As women come together, we can support one another as we transition through each phase of life. Building healthy connections gives us perspective and support as we grow and change.

As women, we can lose a big part of ourselves when we are disconnected from one another. Our supporting, loving, empathetic, and thoughtful nature can become muddied and lost when we disconnect or isolate ourselves from other like-minded women. We end up feeling detached and lonely with no-one to talk to becomes a common theme. The connection we receive from a women’s circle goes beyond your every day the friendship you have with trusted girlfriends and dives deep into a sense of community.

Join us for a taste of sisterhood and the feminine experience as we use tea to connect with the sacred feminine, ourselves, and one another.

I look forward to seeing you.

This event will be held at Firefly Hollow, first, come first admitted. Limited to 20 Attendees.

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