New Moon Oracle Card Reading

January 2020

New moon card reading using my Magickal Herb Oracle.
This is a simple three card spread representing the past, present & future.

Past = Parsley, tell us to stop the habit of being distracted. We have been serving the agendas of others and ignoring our purpose. Too often you have deviated from your plan because you were promised something shiny. In the end it won’t serve your purposes but instead it will serve someone else’s agenda.

Present = Yerba Mate, this card is telling is to go after our dreams, especially the ones that been put on the back burner. It is time to do what needs to be done so you can live your vision.

Future = Mugwort, tells us we need to have a solid foundation under our feet as we make progress. Meditate on your “why” and stay focused on your goal.

In all, self love and passion will be necessary for success. Listen to your intuition and allow it to guide you. Build a solid foundation that will support you long-term.

Wishing you many bring blessings. Happy New Moon!

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