Perchance to Dream

Perchance to Dream
Moon Phase: New Moon
Stage: Denial
“If I sleep long enough when I wake up the pain will be gone.”
It is time to surrender. Time to dream. Lay silently in the womb of the mother. Allow her warm dark waters to bathe you. Relinquish your inhibitions. Allow the Divine Mother to transmute your dreams into potential. Allow the prospects of your mind to unfold. Dive headfirst into the limitless warm waters of the soul. The blackness of creation and possibility should no longer be feared. Before you, a blank canvas. A canvas all your own to create, imagine and relish. Lay back and dream. Allow yourself to be held by the universe and cradled by infinite wisdom.
It is time to stop fighting. The struggle has only brought you pain and unrest. The struggle is imaginary. It is made up of those who will see you remain small. Sink into the rhythm of the ocean. The heartbeat of the earth and the intrinsic pulsing vibration of the cosmos. You are made of the same stardust that built the heavens. You are magick and mystery. Be bold and unhindered. Be like a child, filled with wonder and excitement. Dream as though anything is possible. Once your dream is formed, send it out into the void to be cared for by the powers of the universe. Hand your dreams over to a greater power allowing it to manifest your desires, needs, and possibilities before you.
How long will this moment last? No one really knows. A minute or an eternity? These experiences are void of the confines of time and matter. It’s about learning to once again dream. It is time to become energy breaking free of the body. The potential is in the dream, and the dream is you.
Let the infinite hold you when you feel you are not enough. Let the universe breathe into you as you untie the cord binding your breath. Unclench your jaw. Unfurl your mind. Let a greater power remind you of your capacity as you surrender to unbound possibility.
I feel the cocoon around me. It is tight and restrictive. I have spent too long here, hiding and waiting for the right time, mood, or reason. I realized I had been waiting for permission. This has been my message for the past week or so. This card echoes the message of my sisters. It is time to dream and make these dreams real. It is time to crack open my shell and emerge with new energy and limitless possibility. It is not always easy to accept the truth about your path. It is tempting and seems much easier to remain small and unbothered. But being small does no one any good. It doesn’t help us evolve or transmute into beauty and grace. Remaining hidden keeps our gifts from the world. It also prevents others from discovering and birthing their own gifts.
These words echo in my head, “It is time…”

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