The Magick of Self-Care

The Magick of Self-Care

Magickal herbal body scrubs for self-care rituals.

In these troubling times, we need to find simple ways of taking exquisite care of ourselves. While this might seem like a no-brainer, it can also be easily pushed to the back burner. This is dangerous because once we make a habit of pushing ourselves to the back so we can make room for other people’s needs, we risk forgetting about our needs entirely. While in this state, we might think we are holding it together, but the reality of it is we are depleting our vital essence. We might even feel selfish for taking good care of ourselves justifying is because we know others are suffering.

The point of self-care is something I have always stressed to all of my readers and followers. The truth is we need this more now than ever. We simply cannot give of ourselves if we have nothing left to offer. If our energy is depleted, we will run ourselves into the ground, and there will be no one left to build the new world we desperately need.

As a witch, this need for self-care becomes even more evident. As witches, we are masters of energy. BUT! We cannot master energy when we cannot master our own. We cannot own our personal power when we have depleted it. The mastery of energy starts with self-mastery. To give you an example, I am finding that I am busier now than I ever was before. I am trying my best to step up whenever and wherever I can. This week as more requests for my advice, knowledge, and guidance came in, I realize I hit my threshold. As hard as it is for me, I had to start saying, “No!” My energy was running low, and I could feel it in my body. I could also see it in my habits. Learning to recognize when we are at our threshold is #1.

There is no denying that the world is brimming with anxiety right now. The volume of this focused energy is overwhelming. Everyone you meet is feeling stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. A simple trip to the grocery store is no longer secure. We can’t stand too close, touch anything, or exit through the same door breath we entered. We can’t seem to move without some rule dictating our actions. This fact hit me hard yesterday when my husband and I went out for the essentials. Usually, when I am in crowded places, I can easily shield and block unwanted energetic influences. After all, I have had decades of practice. But yesterday, while we were shopping, I was successful for only a short while. About halfway through our trip, my shield cracked and came crashing down around me. When I got home, I had a headache, and I was feeling unwell. I was not myself again until several hours later, after resting, meditating, and a self-care ritual.

This week in our Calling the Flame Women’s Circle, I offered some recipes for taking care of your skin as well as your energy body, using simple ingredients. You may already have many of these ingredients in your kitchen. You don’t need any expensive tools or exotic ingredients to care for yourself. Using simple methods to clear and cleanse is one of the most effective ways you can rejuvenate your energy and restore your vitality.

Herbal Body-Scrub Recipes

Simple Glowing Skin Scrub (base)

Sugar or salt (sea salt, table salt, kosher)
Oil (Avocado, Almond, Olive, Coconut)
This will be the base for the following recipes. You don’t even have to add additional ingredients if you don’t want. These two are very effective on their own.

Energy Cleanse, Rosemary-Lemon Salt Scrub

Magickal Aspects

Zest & juice of 1 fresh lemon Longevity, Purification, Love & Friendship
6 tablespoons salt (approximately) Cleansing
1 tablespoon of oil (approximately)
Dried Rosemary, muddled or coarsely ground Known as the Witches herb – Well known for Protection, Love, Lust, Boosting Mental Powers, Exorcism, Purification, Healing, Sleep, & Youth
Mix your oil and salt together in a small bowl until your salt is nicely coated with the oil. Next, add your lemon juice and zest until your desired consistency is reached. Finally, sprinkle in some rosemary. Store in a mason jar or other container with e a tight-fitting lid. You can use this mixture immediately or save it for the next day.

Sweet Banana Body Scrub

Magickal Aspects

1 very ripe banana Fertility, Potency, Prosperity
3 tablespoons granulated sugar Sugar helps sweeten the outcome of all spells and the energy around you
Vanilla Extract (optional) Boosts Psychic Powers & Lust
Mash the banana until smooth, but don’t over-mash because it can become too thin. You mustn’t use a knife to cut your banana. Allow the banana to naturally break with your fingers, and mash it with the fork. Mix your banana and sugar together until you form a firm paste. You can adjust the paste if it is too coarse with a small amount of oil or using the water in your shower.


To use: In the shower, pat the sugar mixture and gently massage over your body. Rinse off with warm water.


You can tailor this recipe for your spells and rituals related to Fertility, sexual potency, male virility, and general prosperity. As you massage this paste gently into your skin, repeat an incantation you create related to your intention.


This is an example of my own prosperity chant:

Abundant wealth comes to me.

Bring me wealth and riches times three.  


Calming Lavender Salt Scrub

Magickal Aspects

1 tablespoon of oil (approximately)
6 tablespoons salt (approximately) Cleansing Energy

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