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Walking the talk as a leader in the Pagan community means many things. It is about being a solid foundation for students and seekers to rely upon as they traverse their path.

While I have MUCH more to say on this subject, I think this video expresses some very important points.

Being a leader means being willing and able to do the things that others are not. It means standing up for what is right, and walking our talk.

Being a leader means conducting ourselves in an ethical and moral fashion.

One cannot be qualified as a leader simply because the individual has read a few books and declared him or herself High Priest or Priestess. A leader needs to have an understand of leadership. Great leaders guide without insisting on control or the use of manipulation.

As a Pagan Leader, one must be willing to do what others cannot. It is not about power or dominion over others. Instead, it is about helping others become better people. It is about helping our communities become more respected and valued. It is about helping others understand the knowledge that is obscure or hidden. It is about helping the world understand that we are valuable members of society.

This requires us (as leaders) to have our stuff together, in a mundane and spiritual sense. The fact is we cannot lead others, heal others or help others when we are not in a positive or stable place of our own. Leadership should be taken seriously and treated with respect.

If you consider yourself a leader of any part of the Pagan community, you should be doing it for the right reasons. You need to have the experience and knowledge that is required of a leader.

If you are a leader for the wrong reasons, you are setting yourself, your students, and our community up for disaster. The Pagan community is already under severe scrutiny by those who wish us harm, and by conducting yourself in a harmful or negative manner, you are giving our worst critics probable cause to further damage our reputation. Essentially you are undoing decades of work by those who have toiled to gain a positive standing for Paganism as a whole.

The fact is our communities have too many predators posing as leaders. These so called leaders are fakes and should not be allowed to use our communities as their safe haven. They are destroying the work, of our true leaders; people like Selena Fox and Starhawk who have spent dedicated their lives toward banishing the false associations of Paganism.

False leaders within our community set us up for further damnation and criticism by the greater communities. Our goal as leaders should be to help the efforts of other true leaders. Our goal should be to be the successors of those who have laid the foundation, to continue their work and make additional progress for our future. We should be concerned about our outward appearance and position in the world.

Be the leader our community needs. Be the leader our world needs.

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*This video does not condone or give anyone permission to use drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. as a tool in their practice. These areas of consideration are to be used at the discretion of the individual with the understanding that the individual(s) are solely responsible for any repercussions and consequences.

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  1. This was a GREAT vedio! You expressed exactly what needed to be said. THANK YOU for sharing the truth.

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