What is a Dark Mirror Coach?

I developed Dark Mirror Coaching after spending too long wondering why I made the same mistakes over and over. The name Dark Mirror comes from the tool used for a divination technique called scrying. A dark mirror is often a black-backed mirror or a bowl of dark water used to divine messages from the Otherworld. A Dark Mirror Coach is an individual with the unique ability to act as a walking black mirror in everyday life. I also call them Shadow Witches, and I am blessed to be among them. These unique individuals can reflect back to other specific areas that need healing and resolution. Native American traditions (Sioux, Lakota & Dakota) call them Heyoka. These individuals are sacred warriors and energetic healers in these traditions. This is not a path you choose. Instead, it is a path you are placed upon by unseen forces or soul contracts made before this incarnation. Shadow Witches and Dark Mirrors are highly empathic and reflect the messages we need to receive. They show us our life’s purpose and challenge us to strive to do/be better in everything we do. Shadow Witches or Black Mirror People provoke subconscious obstacles and self-doubt. They don’t do this to be cruel. Instead, they bring up what has been ignored and must be healed. Often this happens unconsciously; honestly, this is an automatic ability many are unaware of.


My journey into the shadow…

No matter what I did, I felt stuck on an endless wheel powered by deficiency and brokenness. How I got here feels like a dream. It took me years to realize my path and purpose. I had to walk a path of shadow and light before I could emerge with clarity and substance. This dream walk was not linear or straightforward; it took many twists and turns. My journey was a mix of good and bad days, fear, and self-doubt. As I look back on where I was and how far I have come, I am grateful for the path I was set upon. I would not be who I am now, nor would I have the wisdom I have grown into without the experiences and hardships I experienced.

One of my most significant issues was my finances. At this point, it wasn’t a “want”; it was a need for change. Seriously, I could not get ahead. And to be perfectly honest, I was scared. I was caring for a family of four, and I couldn’t put food on the table. Money consumed every ounce of my energy and every thought, whether it was how I could bring in more money or how to stop money from flying out of my wallet. It felt like every bill collector was knocking at my door. How would I find solutions for a problem that seemed to have no reprieve?

The big picture was a pitch-black movie screen where the credits refused to roll, and the cinematic reel of my past mistakes played menacingly over and over again. It was making a mockery of my efforts. Around this time, I met my mentor, and she shared these words with me: “When you have an obstacle, you need to go over it, go around it, or bust right through it.” This was the “ah-ha” to my “oh shit” moment. Money is just energy, and I hold power. Once I realized this, I was ready to walk the path of my shadow.

Money is energy. What does that mean? It means that I stopped allowing money to exist as a chokehold over my life, and instead, I started to view money as a source of potential and sovereignty. I realized I needed to change my attitude toward money, which meant changing a couple of decades of programming. I had to start using money as an energetic tool instead of thinking of it as evil or the source of my misery. This mindset was manifested through my work with Jungian Shadow Work, NLP, shamanic alchemy, esoteric training, and reiki. I took these tools and incorporated them into magick and rituals as part of my shadow work and daily routine. This did not come without its challenges. Setbacks are real, and they hurt, but they are temporary. While they may challenge your success, they do not determine your worthiness of freedom.

Through my journey into the vulnerable depths of my shadow, I had a genuine and very paralyzing moment of questioning. I hit a wall where it seemed like all my efforts stopped working. “Why am I doing this?” I thought I was making progress. I thought my hard work was paying off. I thought I was worthy. I felt so close to breaking through. Didn’t I? Wasn’t I? Because, at that moment, I had to choose between paying for a roof over our head or paying to fix my primary source for transportation which ironically, allows us to have a roof over our head. Suddenly, the light dimmed, and the shadow was winning.

But the shadow lost because I remembered who holds the power. I remembered that I have control over how money works in my life. I had no one in my life to help me through this. I had to do one of the most challenging things in my life; I had to pull myself up by my bootstraps and keep going. I reverted to my training and progressive mindset. I committed more deeply to my daily practices, and each day I would go into meditation. I repeated this mantra: “Money is energy & energy is mine to yield.” This reminded me that money is a tool for empowerment. I don’t work for money; money works for me.

Your shadow journey is personal. Maybe you, too, have areas of contention that mirror my own. Our struggles condition us to be a victim in our circumstances. Just like money holding a dark cloud over my head and a vice on my heart, your shadow is doing the same. A Dark Mirror Coach can help you navigate this oftentimes-difficult journey with absolute wholeness and balance.


What can a Dark Mirror Coach do for me?

As a Dark Mirror Coach, I help you through the foggy areas of life that seem impossible to navigate. A Dark Mirror Coach uses a holistic approach compared to traditional coaching practices. This coaching type works with you to reveal and address your subconscious programming allowing you to rediscover your strengths and personal power. A Dark Mirror Coach specializes in shadow work and navigating the Shadowlands using various clinical, holistic, and esoteric techniques. The goal is to engage your mind, body, and spirit – making the whole of you a part of this experience while uncovering and reintegrating your unique talents and abilities.

I’m sure you’ve seen the human psyche described as the iceberg floating in the water, where a small portion of us is showing to the world, and a significant portion of us is hiding below the surface. In my experience, this is a very frigid way to look at the vastness of the human experience. As a Dark Mirror Coach, I look at your psyche a little differently. The Shadow or Shadow self is more like untapped potential. So instead of an iceberg analogy, I like to think of your subconscious and shadow as roots, an organic living consciousness rooting you deep beneath the earth. These roots help you grow. They draw up nutrients to strengthen every aspect of your life. The goal of a Dark Mirror Coach is to help you nurture your roots so they can grow into your authenticity as you flourish in life. I work with you to redirect/navigate your life, uncover your desires, take steps towards your goals, achieve your dreams, demolish limiting beliefs, and remove subconscious roadblocks. These blocks are elements that make our root systems sick and unable to support the work we are meant to do in this world. A Dark Mirror Coach helps you dive deeper, allowing you to understand, work with, change, and utilize this portion of your subconscious system to change your life.


Take closer look

A Dark Mirror Coach will work with the messages and programming installed in the soil around your roots. Think of these messages and beliefs are like a nutrient-sucking slime, draining your root system of vitality and strength. Do you want to tap into your creative nature? Do you want to own your power? Do you want to understand why you do the things you do? Do you desire growth, progress, abundance, love, and deep satisfaction from your life? The growth that is accomplished with A Dark Mirror Coach includes connection to the divine, working with the Universe, taking control of your happiness, stepping into your power, shifting your subconscious, and so much more.

As your Dark Mirror Coach, I will help you identify the root causes of the fog you experience in your life. We will utilize divine guidance, deep inner work, and transcendental meditation to connect fully to the truth of who you are. Most of our programming is established by age 7 and is reinforced as we age. As children, we are entirely unaware that we are being “programmed” or conditioned, much less how much of this information controls us regularly. When left intact, our lives are ruled by this conditioning. If you only change one action or thought but neglect your conditioning, you will not fully resolve the issues and patterns you experience.

A Dark Mirror Coach will help you assess and re-program your conditioning, helping you to use your shadow and unconscious thinking to your advantage. In essence, you are amending the soil where your roots are planted, allowing you to thrive instead of struggling to survive. It will also help you to avoid the divergence of actions vs. energy. If you desire to know how your mind works and shift your programming for your benefit, you are in the right place.


Letting go of self-judgment and negative self-talk

Most likely, the meanest person in your life is you. We all have an inner voice that speaks to us in disparaging ways. The dialogue this voice spews can send us into depression, anger, and anxiety. This voice judges you, or rather, you are judging yourself. When you keep telling yourself that you cannot or should not do something that seems big, you’re limiting your capabilities based on perception. The catalyst is that we can’t change this perception because we don’t share this dialogue and feelings with anyone who can help change our paradigm. We often feel this dialogue is too personal or shameful to be shared with others. This is a loop where most people find themselves trapped. Over time we become accustomed to this dark place, and we grow to accept the hand we are dealt.

A Dark Mirror Coach is here to assist you. Within each session, a safe container is created. A place where you can speak about the dialogue you experience and receive feedback on how to engage moving forward. A Dark Mirror Coach listens to you and helps you bust through your challenges and grow beyond your current limits.


Healing old wounds

Old Wounds usually are emotional wounds that cut deeply. These wounds were created during an emotionally charged and often traumatic event. A Dark Mirror Coach helps you realize the layers of pain and will help you peel them back each layer to examine the source of your pain. Next, the Dark Mirror Coach will help you work through the old wound.


Connection to magick

We are born with the ability to manifest. Working with A Dark Mirror Coach helps you learn about and work with the laws of the Universe. A Dark Mirror Coach will help you reconnect with your magick. When working with manifestation, you must understand how the energy exchange works to conjure what you need and desire. When you learn the wisdom of the lesson, you can then apply the lesson moving forward. After all, you won’t know how to replicate your magick if you don’t know how you did it in the first place. Working with A Dark Mirror Coach goes beyond solving just the immediate hurdle in front of you – together, we work on a soul level. This way, you are constantly growing and adding wealth, fulfillment, and vibrancy to your life.


Conscious living

Do you want to consciously create within the world you live in? Or would you rather remain complacent within the status quo? A lot of us are manifesting things we wish we didn’t. Energy follows focus, and humans are excellent at manifesting the exact thing they would like to avoid. Why? Well, it’s because that is where our focus resides.

For instance, you keep saying to yourself, “I’m tired of being overweight.” Our minds don’t understand the lack. In this context, your focus is on being overweight. Therefore our minds and the Universe keep us in this state. A more accurate message for our minds is something like this, “I will make healthy, nourishing decisions that support health.” As we learn to reframe and redirect our focus, we direct our energy toward what we want. Our vibration matches the desire. We radiate a feeling of nourishment, health, vitality, and we speak in a kind and loving way to ourselves. The old shame and frustration-filled paradigm will fall away to make room for true transformation. This seemingly small shift is a game-changer for clients regarding intentional design. If you feel a surge of excitement or the glimmer of potential growth, A Dark Mirror Coach discovery session might be fitting.


Divine Connections

Many of us have lost a sense of connection to the creator or divinity. Honoring the divine within each of us allows us to fully step into the truth of who we are. A Dark Mirror Coach will facilitate your connection with the Divine Feminine, the creator, and divinity.

Our connection to the Divine Feminine calls for women to honor the cycles and derive power from our feminine aspects. The Divine Feminine calls forth balance, healing, rejuvenation, creativity, love, compassion, empathy, and the mystical wisdom of the priestess. Stepping into your wild woman is using your power in a way that works for you. A Dark Mirror Coach will help you utilize both divine aspects to achieve your goals, connect to self, and reach a new elevation.


Connect to your purpose

How do I achieve more fulfillment? How do I cultivate passion and happiness in my life? What am I meant to be doing? What work sets my soul on fire? A Dark Mirror Coach helps you uncover your true desires and helps you get crystal clear on what impact you want/need to make in the world. A Dark Mirror Coach can offer support and guidance in traversing the landscape of life.

A Dark Mirror Coach will help you make a decision that feels in alignment with your life’s purpose. They can assist you in letting go of the restrictions we place on ourselves and the concern for meeting the needs of others instead of our own. A Dark Mirror Coach asks you to show up for yourself, stand in your truth, and spend time uncovering what helps you feel fulfilled. With the help of A Dark Mirror Coach, you will become the deep well overflowing with energy and vitality.


Creating a safe container

A Dark Mirror Coach creates a safe and trustworthy space for you on your shadow work journey. This space allows you room to share, be silent, cry, rage, and express yourself in various productive ways. In addition, to stillness and space, this safe container allows us to become a clear channel for new ideas and motivation. When we are trying to start a business, write a book, tap into our creativity, etc. A Dark Mirror Coach can help you eliminate the chatter that keeps your mind from coming into balance and focusing with enthusiasm.


Realize your authenticity

A Dark Mirror Coach will ask the questions that help guide your journey toward profound self-discovery. Beyond just seeing what you do, how you act, how you handle situations/stress/conflict – A Dark Mirror Coach will help you work on areas of yourself that would benefit from growth. You will begin to see how your thoughts and actions contradict your energy. As you become aware of your patterns and how you process stress, you can catch your reactions before they take hold. Through this process, you will learn how you act and react instead of allowing circumstances to dictate how you respond.

When we start to take our power back and make conscious decisions, we realize that we are entirely in control of our lives. We can also see where we give up our power. When we know better, we can do better. Each decision becomes a step towards the life of your dreams. Working with a Dark Mirror Coach is right for you if you wish to cultivate a life of happiness, love, connection, and achievement.


Are you ready for a breakthrough?

As A Dark Mirror Coach, I work with various healing modalities from energy healing to intuitive therapies, NLP, Shamanic Alchemy, Rituals, and many other techniques. I offer a unique blend of guidance, wisdom, and support. Once you know that you want to work with A Dark Mirror Coach, you will need to set up your initial session, known as a Discovery Session. This is where we take some time to get to know one another and explore a couple of primary focus areas. This time together allows you and I to decide if we’re a good fit. You want a coach you feel a connection with and can trust. This relationship is unique, and you want to feel both inspired and held by your coach.

I hope that I can help you, so you don’t feel alone on this path. Together we strip away the layers of conditioning, anxiety, uncertainty, shame, and limitations from your soul. Dark Mirror coaching change lives because we uncover what holds you back.

The Dark Mirror awaits your reflection.

Schedule a session today I offer in-person and online options.

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