Will Pagans Reclaim The World?

Will Pagans Reclaim The World?

Will Pagans Reclaim The World The Magick Kitchen

There is a rising movement with Pagan communities, to regain the respect and adoration Witches and Pagans once knew. Are you a part of it?

All over the world Witches and Pagans are working to reclaim the respect of Witch, Pagan, and Wiccan. From the coast of California to small towns in Pennsylvania, and even as far away as Pakistan; Witches are rising up to reclaim the value of our faiths and sacred titles.

As we look around the globe we quickly begin to realize the benefit of the community, the importance of spiritual dedication, and the power of the Natural world. These observances and connections, help Witches and Pagans fully connect to deity, the Elements, and the universe on a personal level. Through our connections, we begin to develop a solid understanding of our personal path and how we show up in the world (and beyond).

This is an inspiring and hopeful era for all Pagans and Witches. Witches and Pagans have had enough. We are standing up against the injustices and negative propaganda displayed by ill-educated and closed-minded religious groups. Our time of tolerating the lies and negative representations against our paths is over!  

Paganism (in general) has grown substantially over the past several decades, and our numbers continue to grow. Each year more and more people are turning to the ideals and teachings of Paganism, Witchcraft & Wicca for enlightenment, spiritual development, religious practice, and personal strength.

Out there in the world, we have brothers and sisters looking for the same connections we too seek. We have pockets of the community looking to extend their roots to create a much larger ecosystem.

So I have to ask you. What are you doing to help this movement? As a Pagan, Witch, or Wiccan what are you doing today that will help our community grow with strength and flourish with hope? Undoubtedly, those who are working to connect our vastly growing and disconnected community have their work cut out for them.

The Pagan community has years of negative representation cloaking our path in misinformation and vulgarity. There are many organizations we can blame for these injustices and prejudices; the media, churches, church leaders, and so on… We have the deck stacked against us. Often the media will choose to focus on those who are worthy of mocking. The Media and many religious organizations don’t want to expose us for being normal tax paying – law abiding citizens. They do not want to display us as human. That’s too boring! They want drama. They want a reason to continue with the blasphemy that is super glued to the name WITCH and Pagan!

Over the past several hundred years, we have endured and even tolerated the lies told about our faiths. Each century giving birth to new forms of blasphemy. While many of us have come to find their ignorance comical and often times amusing. It is, for this reason, we need the support of our own community to help pull us through. We need help and encouragement in order to make sense of all the madness.

“… I think as a religion we have become so use to being laugh at and talked about we have learned to brush it off…”, said Christine via The Magick Kitchen Facebook Fan Page. In my discussion with Christine, I quickly realized that most Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches want to take on a role in the greater community. Many of us want to do well for our paths, but we lack a place to begin.

Our place in the greater community is one we have not fully claimed. In many cases, we have come to embody the negative lies other religious leaders, and organizations tell us. Many Witches, Pagans, and Wiccans have tried to correct the injustices – fall short, and give up. I don’t blame them. This is a difficult task to take on alone.

When it comes to matters of the world, our world, we must take a stand. We must make an attempt to show the rest of the world our true importance. We must respect ourselves and our path enough to never tolerate, or embody the ill things said about us. We must respect the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors; never allowing anyone or any group to tarnish our path.

Part of deciding how we will show up in the greater community will depend on how much intolerance, and prejudice we are willing to endure. As an individual, you must decide how much injustice you will allow. Your worth is determined by what you will permit.

KNOW THIS… You hold tremendous value. I know you do! It is up to you to believe it too.

I choose to be very public about my path because I want to serve my community and help it prosper. I want the greater community to recognize, that Witches & Pagans are good people. I want the world to know, we are mothers, fathers, taxpayers, homeowners, coaches, volunteers, law-abiding citizens, and so much more! Like many I was not sure where to start. I was unsure of how I could contribute to our community in a positive way.

I knew I wanted the greater community to understand that the negative things that are often told about us, are false and misleading. We are not evil or disruptive people, here to upset the balance of the world. Quite contrary, we are here to help establish balance.

It is a very difficult task to change the minds of the ignorant. I am not suggesting that you go at this head on and certainly don’t go at it alone. Instead, support those who are spearheading the task of changing the minds of those who disparage. Support those who do the work you don’t want to do, or do not have the skill to perform. Support your community and it will support you.

Our tribe, our community faces its own difficulties. With our tremendous growth, we have experienced a disconnection with one another. We are un-united. We are torn and broken. We have not yet learned to come together. We must heal the split in the fabric of our community before we can heal the damage done in the greater community. As long as we continue to remain scattered and hidden, we will always be subject to the obscenities placed on our religious and spiritual paths.

It is my hope that in some small way I can help build a momentum. One that will help our sisters & brothers speak a little more loudly about the truths of who and what we are.

Always remember these points on your path:

  1. People will always judge you.

No matter who you are, how much good you do, or how positively you show up in the world;   people   will   judge   you.  Even Mother Teresa and Gandhi had haters.  Often time’s people will believe negative accusations before they decide to know better.  Perhaps they do this to make themselves feel better about their own shortcomings. I cannot say for sure.

  1. The choice is always your own.

Ultimately, you choose how you show up in the world. You can choose to be resentful, vindictive, angry and bitter. OR you can choose to be forgiving, kind, positive and lighthearted.

You can choose to be bold and out there, not caring who knows or judges you. Or you can be quiet and keep your Magickal and spiritual path to yourself. It is your path and you get to decide.  That is one of the most beautiful things about our journey.

Some of you may need to keep your path and associations secret for a while; especially if the judgmental people surrounding you are members of your family.  Perhaps you want time to explore before you fully identified herself. Perhaps, you will decide that it is no one’s business the path you follow. Perhaps, you will decide labels mean nothing to you. It is entirely up to you.

BUT, before you make a definite choice on how you will show up in the world, or if you will assist the growing movement to reclaim the title Witch or Pagan – let’s take a look at the importance of labels and titles related to Pagan paths as well as other paths.



The Importance of Titles?

There are many reasons titles or labels are important to us in our society.  I will not take the position of making labels necessary; this is not my goal. I am also not talking about negative labels or stereotypes. I want to speak for a moment on the importance of positive titles and associations.

When we take on a title (or label), we are telling the world something noteworthy.  We are telling the world of our accomplishments, our level of expertise, and of understanding in a particular area of knowledge.

Like a Catholic Priest, a Buddhist Monk, or college professor identifying themselves with their title, each is telling you something important. They are telling you that they worked hard to attain their goal. They studied. They were held accountable, and each persevered through distinct challenges.

The Title of Witch, High Priestess, High Priest, and even Initiate, should carry the same message. Instead of instilling a sense of fear or uncertainty into those who hear our titles; our titles should speak to them about our achievements, the responsibility we take and how we managed ourselves in order to achieve our goals. Our titles should instill a sense of respect. It is, for this reason, we should be proud of our titles and have the freedom to use them as we please. A spiritual path is not an easy path and our titles should speak to the world of our dedication and accomplishments.

Titles should not be about competing with one another, or making others feel inadequate. NEVER! Instead, they should be about inspiring those around us to improve and succeed. Those of us who have achieved should make it our duty to inspire the rest of our community to do the same. We are better than resentments and ego. We should present ourselves in a manner that encourages others to attain their own level of proficiency, the one that best serves their path.

In this modern era, we have many variations of how a Witch and Pagan is identified. There is a seemingly endless list of example I can pull from here, but I don’t think it is necessary. We are here to talk about our community and how we can build it. We are here to explore the possibility of your true calling.

One day, you will find yourself faced with your true calling, or callings as you walk your spiritual path. You will be asked to use all the knowledge you have gained. You might be asked to stand out as a voice of wisdom and clarity for those in need.

There will be a point when you must seek to claim your rightful place in the world. It will be a time when you will need to be strong in your faith, and emulate your own self-worth (not be confused with conceit or ego) to the community.

There will be a time when you are called, if you are have not already been called, to use your knowledge and power for the greater good. You may be asked to cast off the cloak of hiding you have been living under, and join your brothers and sisters out there in the greater community.

You may be asked to use your gifts, experience, and knowledge to help our community become the impressive collection of intellectually and spiritually open minds it is gearing up to become. You may be asked to lead rituals, organize events, raise money, and serve your community with dignity and humility.

Are you ready? If you are not, then what can you do today to make yourself ready?

If you know you are here are a few very reputable organization that might need your help. Take some time to check them out and see what you can do for your community today!

Find a local group in your area via  The Witches Voice OR Meetup

Thank you for taking some time to read this article.

I appreciate your time, and I invite you to send me your feedback.

As always, I wish you many Bright Blessings!

Leandra Witchwood


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