A Modern Kitchen Witch, Where do we start?

So where do we start?

That’s easy, in the kitchen.

You had to see that one coming!

The Magick Kitchen Prepping Food

To begin your adventures as a Modern Kitchen Witch, you need to make yourself comfortable within your kitchen space. You should organize your space as it suits you, allowing you to develop the skills you need for preparing and cooking food. But first, let’s go to your kitchen and take a look around.

Go on, take your laptop or smartphone into your kitchen, and have a look.

Now, take a deep breath and look around. How does your kitchen feel to you? Do you feel good about its organization? What about the wall color and decorations? what supplies and tools are available? Do you have a variety of spices available for use? Do you have all the general tools you need to prepare a meal? Do you have any Magickal tools nearby? What about Magickal symbols? Do you have enough ingredients to throw together something on the fly, if necessary? (We’ll discuss spontaneous Magickal inspiration in another post) Do you have a designated place to enjoy meals or even a good beverage? Does your space feel closed or open to you?

When you begin practicing as a Kitchen Witch, you need to take time to create a working space that will suit your needs. This space should feel inviting and inspiring. Now that you have taken a good look around, decide what changes you want or need to make. What speaks to you? What changes will help make your kitchen flow with energy? What do you need to do to help your area inspire you? This scared space is one of hospitality. It is likely to be a place where others will come and enjoy the fruits of your labor and the Magick of your home. The Kitchen Witch has a very different kind of scared space. It isn’t necessarily exclusive, and it is much more casual than might expect. As a Kitchen Witch, your scared space may be visited by a variety of people depending on the lifestyle you lead.

If you have a family with kids, expect them to be in the kitchen at different times; especially while you cook. You might also expect their neighborhood friends to come and go. If you have fewer people in your household, you will have more control over who may and may not enter your sacred space, and when. You will need to develop a unique skill most other practitioners never have to consider. You may need to learn to practice and focus with a dozen other distractions. Your sacred space may have intervals of peace and quiet, instead of one constant. You will need to learn to work around that or even with this as your lifestyle demands. My kitchen is busy. I have a 5-year-old, a 14-year-old, a husband, a dog who thinks she needs to be in the kitchen while I cook, and a cat who thinks she needs to be fed every time I am in the kitchen. We have a very active house. Therefore, I learned to adapt.


Kitchen Witchery is more than secluding yourself in a scared space. Instead, it is about hospitality, family, great food, sharing, and enjoyment. It is about creating an inviting space infused with Magick where all who enter, feel welcomed and comfortable. There will be times when you have this space all to yourself and other times when it may seem like Grand Central Station. To create an area where you can enjoy the company of others as well as perform personal rites as needed is essential. In other words, your sacred space must have a duel personality and be very adaptable to the needs of the day. You too must become versatile and flexible. And don’t be afraid to kick everyone out when you need.

I plan to offer up many topics for discussion, but I thought this would be a great starting point. You should now be thinking about your space and how you want to create it and maintain it. Cleansing and daily cleaning is one specific area of discussion I hope to tackle soon.

In addition to your kitchen serving as your sacred space, you will need to rethink shopping for food and supplies. The grocery store is a treasure trove of Magickal ingredients and tools. You also have farmer’s markets, local food markets, specialty food stores, specialty kitchen stores, and local farmers available to you.

So until next time, have a seat and a nice drink. Think about your space and how it will best suit your needs. How do you want your space to look and feel? What Magick will you create here and how delightful will it be?

I invite your feedback and questions. Please contact me with your questions or leave your comments below.

Bright Blessings!




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