Animal Totem: Chipmunk

Most of the week I work from home in my office attached to our garages. I have been thinking for some time about what to write for my next blog post. I could not think of anything relevant. So… I did what any spiritually minded person might do… I asked my Spirit guides for direction.

Some of you know my guides are not typical. My Gods and guides are Dragons. I know, far left from your Hecate and Thor leanings, but it works for me. This time of year, my guides seem to be very chatty. Sometimes all of them at once. Usually, people think of Dragons as fear-inducing beasts with bad tempers, I know the truth. And yet they still surprise me with the messengers they send. Today was a clear example.

In asking my guides for a theme they give me probably the cutest little message I could receive. CHIPMUNK!

AH! Yes! Unexpected indeed in more ways than one.

How did this messenger surprise me? My Chipmunk messenger ended up in my office with a HUGE acorn in tow! I have a video of him below. Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram may have seen it already, but it worth another look!

Please excuse my messy office, I was in the middle of crafting new cards and creating sketches for a card making class I am going to teach in the Spring. So naturally, there is paper EVERYWHERE.

At one point, you will see in the video, he tried to go under my chair, but I was able to quickly maneuver him out the door. BOY! He was fast. After he bolted, I found his acorn and placed it outside for him or her. I think I will go and buy a bag of nuts and seeds for our yard critters.

Let’s talk the Animal Totem, Chipmunk.

Main Message: Play/Exploration, Preparation, Quick Action, Communicate & Trust

Chipmunk is telling you that something good is on its way.

Chipmunk is the messenger of many realms. Like the Gold Finch, they move fast. They are inquisitive, fearless and playful. It is time to act quickly, way all the facts, and pay attention to how your energy is being used.

Chipmunk, like Squirrel, embodies the quality of playfulness, readiness, and trust. These small critters have an air of independence and confidence about them. Their inquisitive nature leads them into the unexplored (like my office) and their detailed mind leaves no stone unturned.

Questions to ask yourself when Chipmunk arrives in your journey:

These are great questions to answer in your journal when Chipmunk enters your journey.

Are your thoughts constructive or destructive?

Are your fears keeping you from playing and enjoying life?

Are your fears keeping you from doing what you need to do, creating blockages that hold you back?

Do you feel like you need the approval of others?

Are you in charge of your life or have you given your power away to someone else and now they call the shots?

Chipmunks have little fear of people and are found in rural areas, city parks and in the woods. These little bundles of energy are very curious and take the time to explore everything that comes across their path. Including my office, as we discovered. I was having a conversation with an acquaintance last week about the chipmunks who like to explore her garage.

They do what they want to do and within their own time frame. Some say they are vocal, but I honestly find them very quiet. Squirrels on the other hand who offer a similar message are very vocal in our area.

Individuals with long-standing Chipmunk medicine, (meaning Chipmunk is one of your life-long totems) will not tolerate being told what to do, why they should do it, or when to do it. They are confident that they will do the job required with proficiency and in the appropriate time frame so long as the available resources allow. This is not me mean they are not resourceful, but they will not expend their energy into the projects for the benefit of others when they feel appreciated or devalued.

Chipmunk people make good leaders and spokespersons.

Chipmunk will teach you the art of preparation and planning for the future. They are nut/seed gatherer and store them in their homes for later days when the snow is thick and food is sparse.  Their nesting burrows consist of various hollows and many access tunnels that allow fast escape.

Chipmunk is always planning but he does not obsess with thoughts about the future.  He just does what needs to be done, while living in the moment.

Chipmunk is teaching us to have fun in life. Prepare for the future while balancing your efforts to ensure you have a bountiful future. He reminds you to remain alert, communicate with those who need you, and roll with the punches when times get tough.

Learn more about your Animal Messengers:


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2 thoughts on “Animal Totem: Chipmunk”

  1. I just dreamt of his name, clearing in my mind: Chipmunk, Chipmunk! I thought he belonged to the family of the Chimpanzee (I’m Italian and English is not my primary language), but it kept calling me, and being so clear (I remember I analyzed the spelling: “Chip – oh, like a computer chip, yes! – and Munk (not moonk, or mock, but MUNK, don’t make a mistake!”), so I thought it was really him coming to me to share something with me. The last days have not been very good – on the opposite. 🙁 I hope for the best.
    Thank you,

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