The Magickal Aspects of Apples

Magick, History, and Legend of Apples


The cultivation of Apples dates back to about 328BCE in Turkey. It is also believed that this first variety was a dwarf apple called Malus. Today we would consider this kind of apple a “Wild Apple” or “Crab Apple.”

In many European cultures, the term or word for apple was used for just about any unknown fruit, plant galls, and nut. It appears that the use of word “Apple” was used in this fashion as late as the 17th century. Tomatoes are a good example. When first introduced to Europe, they were called “Love Apples,” and cucumbers have been called “Earth-Apples.”

Apples (in general) have been the center of many mythological stories and tales. A great example is the infamous biblical tale of Adam and Eve. Many scholars believe it was not an apple; instead, it was a pomegranate initially portrayed in this famous tale. The change may have been made because of apple’s associations with female deities, femininity, and sexuality. This initial portrayal of apples in the bible causes some confusion when you discover that apples are portrayed in a more positive light in other areas of the Bible (i.e., “Apple of my eye”)

As mythology goes, Golden Apples played a part in the Trojan War, a single apple fed Conle for a year, and in other tales, apples could give eternal youth. It is no wonder this fruit shows up in mythology. Apples have been a prized fruit since it can keep for a long time, giving longevity to winter food stores.

As with every plant and even water, too much of a good thing is well too much. Ironically, apple seeds in large quantities are fatal as they contain a sugar and cyanide compound called amygdalin*. Not that too many of us eat apple seeds.

As we scratch the surface of Apple, it is no wonder that this fruit is a valued Magickal ingredient. I don’t know of any Kitchen Witches who do not use apple in their workings. Apple has a rich history and many valuable aspects making it a very versatile fruit.

To give Apples even more benefit, they are easily accessible and widely available. Not to forget Apples, they are delicious! Apple can appear in main dishes, as well as desserts. They can even be used for decoration and sigil.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the aspects best related to Apple:


Magickal Aspects:

Love, fidelity, fertility, marriage, sexuality, beauty, vanity, wisdom, and immortality

Associated Deities:













to name a few


In Season:

July – October


Medicinal properties:

Fresh pressed Apple Cider and Apple Cider Vinegar help alleviate gallbladder flares and symptoms.

It helps lower blood pressure.


Helps relieve gout

Fresh apples act as an antacid.

Freshly crushed apple leaves on a wound can help prevent infection.



Love spells

Love Divination

Healing spells


Wand creation

Poppet Magick

Sachet/Potpourri Magick


Festivals, Observances, and Ritual:

Diana’s Festival




Culinary Use:

Apples can be used in a variety of dishes. Since many types of apples tend to be sweet, apples most often show up in desserts. Apples can also be used with meats such as pork. Apple Chutney is a delicious addition to a roasted pork loin.



Apples are sturdy enough to withstand most preserving methods. Canning and drying are the most common forms of preservation. Dried apples make a great snack on the go and remain useful for a long time if dried properly.

Apples can also be frozen. It is recommended that before freezing and drying, you place cut apple pieces in a slightly acidic water solution to prevent oxidization.



Almost any fresh apple, when stored properly, will keep for about three months. The leading cause of rotten apples is bruising, openings in the skin, bad spots, and time. So as with all produce, handle your apples carefully. To extend the life of your apples, wrap each apple in a newspaper to prevent them from touching. Store them in a cool place, like a cellar, between 30° & 35°. Since most of us refrigerators to store our produce, wash and place your apples in the crisper drawer with a somewhat damp towel over them.


Home and Ritual Décor:

Since apples dry well, they can be used in various ways to decorate your home, altar, and ritual space. Dry apple slices make beautiful wreaths, candle holders. Add dried apples as embellishments to baskets, gifts, and centerpieces.

Fresh apples can be carved out and used as tea light holders.  Applewood is excellent for wand making.

The Queen Caffeine Free Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Apples are most abundant in the Fall and are widely used in Autumn festivals/rituals, such as Mabon and Samhain. On my Mabon altar, I carve Apple Poppets and allow the poppets to dry, then use them again at Samhain. I also use apples as my candle holders. If I have leftover dried apple slices, I will make wreaths.

If you want to add some fun to your next seasonal celebration and ritual, try playing games with apples, like the old favorite, “Bobbing for Apples.” Another fun game is “The Apple Pass” or “Pass the Apple.” This is where an apple is passed from person to person by tucking the apple beneath your chin.

Another version of bobbing for apples is “Apples on a String.” Tie several apples on long pieces of string, and hang them from tree branches. The object is to grab the apple with your teeth without using your hands. This is a fun and tricky alternative to bobbing for apples.

An excellent snack or light meal for your next harvest festival is a simple platter of apples, sliced meats, and cheese (i.e., Brie with Granny Smiths and Romano with Gala). When served with your favorite wine, this simple plating can take on a whole new feel. Take some of the apple slices, cheese, meat & wine and place this in a designated area as an offering to patron deities.

As you can see, the versatility of Apple is fantastic. Of course, I did not give up all my knowledge and secrets. Perhaps this Fall, you will find your uses for apples.

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Bright Blessings,

Leandra Witchwood



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2 thoughts on “The Magickal Aspects of Apples”

  1. Hello! Great post, and very informative. I was hoping you might talk some about how when you cut an apple cross-wise, the seed pockets make a star or pentagram shape. Are there ways to use this in ritual, spell casting, charms, etc?

    Some of the things I liked doing with apples as a kid (besides eating them) were making apple print pictures (cutting the apple in half either way and using it as a paint stamp), picking wild apples and eating them or tossing them at targets, going apple picking at orchards with my family in the fall, and watching birds come and eat the dried crab apples off the trees in the winter.

    Thanks for the great post!

    1. MM Lora!
      Thank you for your feedback and I am very glad you enjoyed the post.
      The star has been a long revered symbol and therefore it is traditional to place cut apples with the inside star showing on altars, ancestral graves, and as a focal point in meditations and rituals. All the activities you mentioned are beloved traditions. We will be doing the apple stamping at our local PACEC Meet & Greet event in a few weeks.
      Mainly the star can be used in spell work and ritual as a focal point or symbol for your Magickal and celebratory focus. The star has many meanings and purposes. In the case the apple it is often related to prosperity and wealth in abundance.
      Blessed Be!

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