Leandra Witchwood

Gilded Regret

Somehow we are led to believe there is wisdom in the wouldas, couldas, and shouldas. We taint relationships based on pensive falsehoods and beliefs found in these loops of memory. Instead of finding life in the here and now, we live in the past. We stop believing that we can create a new vibrant life that builds a productive and prosperous future. We lead ourselves to believe that somehow the opportunity was missed and it is now buried in these memories. Our gilded regrets drain our possibilities for the future. To break free we must remember that life is here and now, and there is nothing left for us in the past

Triumph of Lies

We are surrounded by black mirrors, people who reflect back to us the truths we deny. When we find ourselves recoiling in the presence of someone or some idea, it is a good idea to discover why. Pull a card. Meditate on it. Consult your guides… Find the answer and learn how many of your truths are actually lies, standing before you in smudge triumph.

Nicnevin on the Storm

The crackling lightning and booming thunder announced her arrival. As the rain fell, she flew in, followed by her cohorts. She screamed in my ears and disoriented my head. She crawled under my skin and raised each hair. It didn’t matter that I was in the middle of a department store. I should have known to pick a better place when I knew she was coming.

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