Beltane Plant Magick

Beltane Plant Magick

Sacred herbs for the season

During Ostara or the Spring Equinox, seeds are given license to spout and grow along with our intentions for the budding year. Fertility rites are significant to the Witch and his/her garden. Through our rituals, we draw from the energies of the earth and mother goddess. As we continue the growing and manifesting process, the wheel turns to Beltane providing us with a reservoir of energy.

During our Ostara rituals, prosperity and abundance help infuse each seedling, allowing each small plant (or returning plant) to thrive as the season marches on. As discussed in my previous post, Magickal Herbalism, Connecting with Sacred Plants, it is during planting rituals that we connect with the spirit inside each plant or root. This is where the Witch infuses the plant with beneficial energy, establishing a sacred bond.

Planting ceremonies continue as the wheel turns and we care for the unique needs and timing of each plant in our garden. As we approach Beltane the planting season is not yet complete. The “planting season” is just as described. It is not a single day or month; it is a season. This season can begin in January as seeds are started indoors and can continue until late summer and early fall (depending on the plant). There are many plants that cannot be planted in March, making it wise to wait until May or Beltane to bless and connect with these plants.

Beltane is the counter to Samhain and holds many of the same energies. Beltane is often thought of as a bright and vibrant season in contrast to its darker counterpart, Samhain. During Beltane the veil between the worlds is again thin, making divination and spirit work a little easier. While we jump bonfires (or balefires), sing, and dance in spirals we can also take time to receive messages from our ancestors, the fea, and beyond.

In celebration of the robust energy, Beltane provides, we can expand our intentions. Often during Ostara, we focus on fertility and establishing grown. Moving forward we can increase our focus to include love, conservation, strength, and prosperity. As we do this, we can also incorporate herbs and plants that are sacred to this time of year into each of our workings.

Some sacred plants related to Beltane:

Dandelion Dandelion is one of the first plants we often see flowering in spring. It tends to grow readily and under almost impossible conditions. The entire plant is edible and very beneficial to those who consume it. In a ceremony, drink dandelion tea to promote psychic powers. This same tea, when left steaming near your bed or altar can call spirits. Dandelion tea is also great for Tasseomancy practices.



Rose Drink rose tea directly before going to bed to help you remember your dreams. Crushed rose petals are also great for Tasseomancy practices.





Meadowsweet Used in various love mixtures from herbal scatters, to soaks, and tea. Scatter Meadowsweet around your home and garden to maintain peace. Drink meadowsweet tea to aid in divination practices.



LavenderLavender often used in healing mixtures. It can be carried to help you see ghosts or worn to protect against the evil eye. Burn as an incense or add to baths for energetic purification. Drink lavender tea or add it to recipes to help encourage peace and happiness.



Elderberry Sacred to the mother goddess. Brew and drink elderberry tea to help release any curses or spells that may have cast against you. To bless and protect your garden sprinkle elderberries near the roots of each plant. Sprinkle elderberries at your doorways or hang elder near above your doors to prevent evil from entering.  Elderberry tea or wine is ideal for ritual libation.



Herbal mixtures created with these ingredients can be mixed into your potting or garden soil to help ensure your garden is adequately protected and blessed. This act can be conducted during a Beltane ritual or garden blessing ceremony. You can also safely make teas, salves, tonics, and more from these herbs. Enjoy them as a pleasant beverage, use them to create a floor wash, to purify tools & stones, make herbal soaks or baths and MUCH more.

Enjoy the season and enjoy nature in all her magickal wonders.


Bright Blessings,


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