Clean Home Spells & Rituals, Part 3

Clean Home Spells & Rituals, Part 3

Maintaining Your Sacred Space


Clean Home Spells & Rituals, Part 3 Maintaining Your Sacred SpaceIn my previous posts, Clean Home Spells & Rituals, Part 1 & 2, I highlighted a few ways you can create a clean home both in appearance and in energy. This is the final segment of this series, where I will highlight a few ways you can maintain your newly cleaned and organized sacred space.

If you tried the tips and tricks I offered previously, your home should feel very good right now. There should be a bit more peace and certainly, it looks better. Now, it is time for you to get yourself into a routine, or ritual if you will, for keeping your space clean, organized, and feeling positive.



 A Ritual of Cleaning

What is ritual, really? Well, it is nothing more than something you do on a regular basis. It can be of religious or spiritual origin or as mundane as cleaning your kitchen. Much like a routine…

To me the difference between a ritual and a routine is that a ritual is done with dedication and purpose. It is not a mindless task you perform daily, weekly, etc. You do it with intent and thought. The mindset of thoughtfulness is one you need to create for yourself. This is important as you conduct your own ritual for maintaining your home and sacred space.

First, we go back to cleaning. Actually, we go deeper than that, and into cleansing.  You just finished the deep clean so your space should be sparkling, right? If you haven’t yet then I invite you to read Part 1 & Part 2 of this series.

Excellent! Now let’s make it a ritual to maintain that lovely clean using a mix of mundane tasks as well as Magick.

Personally, I think the mundane stuff is easy. You make a mess you clean it up. Sure there are times you don’t feel like it, but eventually you will get sick of the clutter. You will get sick of the dirt and you will do something about it. This series gives you some focus in cleaning up that clutter so you can start new!

I have another downloadable file ready for you: my Weekly Clean Home Maintenance Schedule. You can use for this checklist for maintaining the clean home you just created. It’s simple and will make the 3-6 month 9 Day House and Home Deep Clean Checklistt a breeze, when your home is due of a good deep clean.

This Weekly Clean Home Maintenance Schedule is easy to follow and will only take you a few minutes each day to complete.  If you are diligent in following this checklist as a ritualized routine, you will find peace becoming more constant in your home. You will find it easier to maintain that calm you created.  

I’ll tell you the truth, I get overwhelmed when I get off track and stop following my rituals and routines. They help enlist balance in self and home. Regular routines and rituals instill a sense of balance and relieve anxiety.

Of course the checklists and schedules I offer don’t have to be so rigid to where you feel locked down. Heck NO! Not even I would survive in a structure or regimen that gave me no room to move or adjust. Do what feels right for you! Don’t feel like you have to throw the whole plan out because you missed day or forget a task. Just keep going and things will fall into place. 

The Ritual of Using Scent to Infuse Your Home with Positive Energy

The Magick Kitchen Clean Home Spells & RitualsI enjoy using scent as an effective way to maintain the right energy in my home. Why? Well think about it. Think about all the times you walked into your grandma’s kitchen when she was baking cookies or your favorite pie. Or think about the times when you came home and the slow cooker has been on all day making the most delicious pot roast.

Smell is a very powerful influencer when it comes to our state of mind. One of my favorite places to go is the local soap shop downtown, where the owner and good friend of mine, hand makes a wide variety of soaps. The scent of her shop is indulgent and relaxing, no matter how chaotic or busy her shop is that day.

The mixed up fragrance of her shop comes from all the herbs and spice she uses in her soaps mingling together. Somehow this chaotic blend of everything from rosemary and rose, to mint and patchouli, instantly brings me to a calmer frame of mind.

Let’s go a little further. The candle industry. Big companies have spent a lot of time, and billions of dollars to discover which scents influence people most. Is it any wonder why we spend so much money on scented candles and room/air fresheners? I think the introduction of Bacon scented candles was quite interesting. After all, food scents are very comforting.

The only issue with these industrial fragrances is that they are, in many cases, synthetic. These synthetic scents do more harm than good in our homes. If you have allergies, asthma, or sensitivities to synthetic fragrances you are setting yourself up for acute reactions.

If you are not acutely reactive, you are still setting yourself up for issues in the long-term. Many of these fragrances car carcinogenic. If we know anything about the health of our bodies today, it’s that cancer is a serious disease we seem to have no real control over.

With that said, using natural fragrances in your home is the best idea. At least when you create your own scent blends you know exactly where the ingredients come from. You know if the ingredients you use are organic. You can specifically order ingredients according to your liking, which allows you to have a clearer integrity.

I have a few scent spell recipes you can easily create in a previous post: Clean Home Scent Spells. These spells are great for creating pleasant fragrance in your home while cleansing and adjusting the energy in your home. They also use natural ingredients, so these will give you a great start if you need.

 What about Smudging?

Yes, smudging is a great method for cleansing the energy in your home, and yet… I don’t smudge.

Confused, don’t be.The Magick Kitchen Diffuser Pot Incense Alternative

My husband is very sensitive to strong scents. Especially smoke. He usually tries to ignore the scent of smoke, but it bothers him greatly. Even when my daughter and I go out on the patio to enjoy a wood fire, he comments on how we smell like smoke once we come back in. So out of respect, I use other methods of cleansing the air in our home. Plus, I find that using essential oils, dried herbs, and fruit in a diffuser lasts much longer.

Another funny thing is (and this is just a side note)… I grow sage. LOTS OF SAGE, varieties of sage. I bundle and dry my sage every year. I have bunches of sage sticks hanging in my drying room… I just don’t burn them. If anything, they become gifts for friends on special occasions. 

The Magick Kitchen Besom Cleansing ChantIt’s All About YOU!

In this whole series, the main point I want to express, is that you have control over your home. You have the ability to cleanse the energies that come into your home. You also have the ability to open your home up to the positive energies we all want, and need in life.

Get into a positive routine that is closer to a ritual, and never a rut. Ruts make us resentful and bored. A positive routine will give you regularity and balance. Incorporate activities into your routine that are fun, like lunch with friends, a Zumba class, or a fun day out with the kids.

We have started taking our kids to a trampoline park which gives everyone something to look forward to each week. Not to mention we get some much needed exercise. We can spend time together as a family, without feeling like we are strapped to each other’s hips. Giving one another space is also a great idea for families.

Our goal here is to create a home where family and friends feel loved and welcome. Experiment with scent spells, creating your own rituals/routines, and see what they can do for you.


I invite your feedback. Tell me what you think.

How has this series helped you, and if you were inspired. I love to know what my readers are up to and how you put my thoughts and experience to use in your world. Also if you have any suggestions on subjects for future posts let me know your thoughts. I’m listening.

Bright Blessing!



© 2015, The Magick Kitchen

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  1. This is series was so beautifully written and inspiring. I get in to such a funk both mentally and physically within my household. I’ve lived here two years and I don’t feel as if it’s truly a home. I’m going to follow your checklists and hope to reinvigorate some good mojo in to my home. Thank you for posting.

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