Depression, Anxiety, Stress & How They Affect Your Craft, Episode 4

Join us as we dig into the realm of stress, anxiety & depression. Together we will share with your a variety of perspectives, tips, and techniques for creating a more productive and balanced practice.

I would like to welcome Elyse Welles to the podcast. Elyse comes from the Spiral Sojourn coven, the sister coven to my own Indigo Hearth Coven. Before joining Spiral Sojourn she spent many years as a solitary practitioner. Elyse brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the show.


00:11:20  The Importance of Self-Care
00:20:41  Management Techniques
00:47:29  Conclusion
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**We apologize for the intermittent microphone interference. We realize the issue and are working to correct it in our future episodes.***

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