Dragons Blood Resin

Use Dragons Blood Resin to deeply cleanse objects and spaces. Dragon’s Blood Resin can also be used as a substitute for actual blood in spells and rituals.

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4 thoughts on “Dragons Blood Resin”

  1. Hi – I just found you and am loving so much of what you create. My mother gave me some dragon’s blood years ago, to help my son. I would sprinkle some in his baths. I long forgot about this magickal potion!!! Do you know where can I find some to purchase?

    1. MM!
      These days you can find the resin everywhere. Try your local metaphysical shop if you have one. If you can’t find it there, search online. There are plenty of places that selling it at a decent prices. Thank you so much, and I am happy you enjoy the blog.

  2. Cynthia Brizendine

    Hello! Just got a link to you, and I’m very excited. I was in to Wicca, and I considered my self more of a white witch and studying that craft more. It’s been many moons ago but I’m studying and reading all I can, and starting over. There’s so much material today! I’m starting to purchase some of my crystals, incense, and resins. Hope to hear from you soon. Blessed be ! Cynthia

    1. MM Cynthia!
      Welcome to the revival of your path!! This is a very exciting movement for you!!! I am glad you found me.
      There is a wealth of knowledge for you to browse here. I hope you find it useful and inspiring. Please also check out my Esoteric teaching platform where I offer a variety of online classes designed to help you grow and learn when it best suits your schedule and needs. Here is the link. http://leandrawitchwood.com/
      I wish you good luck on your journey and many BRIGHT BLESSINGS!
      Stay in touch!

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