Episode 16 Kitchen Witch Table Talks

Welcome to Episode 16 of our Kitchen Witch Table Talks, Advice for Beginners Series where I discuss the issue of Hypocrisy.

In this episode, I discuss the value of remaining authentic and how hypocrisy will prevent you from walking your path with clarity.

No one likes a hypocrite. No one respects a hypocrite. If you want to be taken seriously on your path, you will need to walk the talk. If you want to gain respect from those around you, you will need to mean what you say and say what you mean. Also, you will need to do what you say or promise to others.

If you are going to follow a path filled with ritual and education, then you should set up for yourself the daily, weekly, monthly or annual rituals you will follow and educate yourself on the subjects that interest you.

I am sure you have experienced the frustration and disappointment when you discover that someone you admired or learned from was not who they appeared to be. Perhaps they seemed to be wise and rational but acted in a manner that completely contradicted the persona they portray. When one acts in a way that contradicts their path or teachings we lose faith in them as well as our trust in them. I am sure this is not something you want for yourself. Trust is a difficult thing to repair or regain from someone. I find that it is much easier to walk the talk than have to fix a relationship later.

Yes, some days it will seem easier to just cut corners and do what impulse drives us to do, but this only causes more trouble. In the end, it will lead us to realize that we must act with purpose and authenticity.

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