February Full Moon Tea Ritual

The Magick Kitchen Feb Full Moon Tea Ritual700x1000The February Full Moon

Sometimes called the Hunger Moon, the Ice Moon, and Snow Moon… among other names.

This particular moon is ideal for introspection and working on goals toward personal growth. The Spell work below is a great start to any self-growth or improvement endeavor. It is also a time for acknowledging and accepting personal responsibility.

February is an excellent opportunity to dig deep. Many of us have made traditional secular New Year’s resolutions. To deepen your commitment to personal growth and change take this time, under the February Full Moon, to dig deep and gain your foothold for long-term change.

Full Moon Tea Ritual

Intention: Perform during the February Full to induce prophetic dreams that lead to personal growth.

When to perform: during the February Full Moon

Tools, Supplies & Correspondences:

Jasmine Tea (Green Tea with Jasmine works fine)

A teapot or cup to brew your tea

A teacup to drink from

Boiling Water


This ritual can be done indoors or out. Please note that the moonlight should be touching you as you sip your tea.

  1. Gather your supplies and set up the area where you will be conducting this ritual. Decorate your space with candles and other ritual items as you see fit.
  2. Measure the appropriate amount of tea for you to drink. You can make an entire pot or one cup if you like. As you measure your tea think about the area or areas in your life where you need growth, clarity, and reflection.
  3. Heat your water to the appropriate temperature to brew your tea
  4. Brew your tea (3-5 minutes). While it brews, close your eyes and sit with your hand over the pot or cup. Count from 10 to 1 slowly as you take in very deep and slow breathes. In your mind’s eye visualize the following:

In front of you, see yourself as you are. Experience the threshold of your current mindset or situation. What bubbles up as you seek growth and accountability? Go into as much detail as you can. Feel your emotional need to make a positive change in your life. Feel the excitement of positive change as it is about to take shape. Smell it. Taste it.

Next, see a person standing next to you. This presence is cloaked in a bright fog, and he/she appears to be offering you his/her hand. As you take this being’s hand, you realize this entity is you, only more grown, and matured beyond your current stage in life. In this moment you are shown what it feels like to be at ease with who you are, and who you will become. You suddenly understand the balance of past, present, and future. You are at rest in knowing that through your hard work you will achieve the beautiful things you set as goals.

When you feel entirely comforted, motivated, and energized through your realization, send this energy into your pot or cup of tea. Feel this energy flow from your feet up through your body, into your hands, and through your fingers as it fills your cup or pot with intention.

Take your tea and sit in your prepared location; where the moonlight will touch you, and sip your tea. Drink it slowly allowing all the energy you placed within to be absorbed into your taste buds, body, mind, and spirit.

This working is meant to be enjoyed. So indulge in every sip. This should also help relax you so when you sleep you can dream. You may not remember your dreams clearly, but they will guide you as needed when the time is right.

As you will it, it shall be.

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Bright Blessing and Happy Full Moon!


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7 thoughts on “February Full Moon Tea Ritual”

  1. Thank you! Vitamin B helps you remember your dreams. Also writing n a dream journal upon waking while its still fresh. Important messages in our dreams! Love & Light

  2. I would wrap my hands around that cup, very carefully, and put my nose right over the rim of the cup while I inhale. It is a very dreamy experience. Half of the enjoyment of a cup of tea is the aroma of the beverage. With a nose full of the aroma take a swallow of the tea, it is pure pleasure. That is the true magic of tea. So relaxing, and in the mood for contemplation.

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