Full Moon Money Bath

Full Moon Money Bath

The Magick Kitchen Full Moon Money Bath

Intention: Increase financial flow and abundance

When to perform:

At the time of the Full Moon
Tools, Supplies & Purpose:
1 Cloth Sachet Bag or reusable tea bag or tea strainer This for practicality, it will hold the herbs so they do not clog your drain or get all over the place.
3 Parts Dried Basil To attract money
1 Part Cinnamon To attract Money & raise your spiritual vibrations
1 Part Clove To attract Money & raise your spiritual vibrations



  1. Place all the ingredients in the sachet bag or tea strainer and run a warm bath. Make the bath as warm as you can stand.
  2. Submerge the sachet in the water and allow it to steep.
  3. During the full moon soak in this brew to raise your vibrations on the spiritual level so Money will be attracted to you.
  4. As you soak envision your wallet, bank account and/or bills being very satisfied.
  5. When the water turns cold, drain the bath. Immediately bury the contents of your sachet.

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