Kitchen Witch Table Talks Episode 7: Have a Sense of Humor

Advice for Beginners Series
Kitchen Witch Table Talks Episode 7: Have a Sense of Humor

Welcome to Kitchen Witch Table Talks Advice for Beginners Series with Leandra Witchwood.

In this talk, I touch on the need to keep your sense of humor as you dedicate yourself to an Esoteric path.

Wicca and Witchcraft are paths where seeking knowledge is huge; we never stop learning. Which means we spend a lot of time pouring over books and other resources while applying our knowledge in practice. This can be draining on the mind, body, and spirit.

While our continued education is what keeps us motivated, inspired, and connected, we also run the risk of becoming too serious. It can become easy to forget that this is also a path of joy and laughter.

I encourage you to enjoy the journey. Connect with the things that you love most. Enjoy the beauty of friendship, Nature, and Magick. There is a universe of knowledge and beauty out there for you to explore and know. Take it slowly, make it fun, and remember to LAUGH!

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I wish you many Bright Blessings!

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