The Magickal Aspects of Cherry

The Magickal Aspects of Cherry

Magickal Aspects of Cherry from The Magick Kitchen

When I think of Cherry, my taste buds jump with excitement. It’s the anticipation of the sweet delicious taste of juicy fresh Cherries. YUM!

Cherry is one of my absolute favorite foods. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, Cherries are probably one of the best fruits out there for every appetite. Now, I understand there are some out there who detest the flavor of Cherry. It’s okay… I will not judge you… Everyone is entitled to their opinion… I suppose.

Of course, I am joking. My husband hates cherries and most fruit for that matter. So, even those who hate such delicious flavors are still lovable people.

Since prehistoric times, sweet cherries have been indigenous to most of Europe, some of North Africa and Western Asia. The Pits of cherries have been found in settlements dating back to 2000BCE. By 800BCE their cultivation was found in Asia, and not long after, in Greece.

Cherries have flavored a variety of foods and treats from wine to candy, and offer us a bit of love when needed. Cherry has been used to attract and stimulate love for centuries. One tradition involves tying a strand of your hair to a cherry tree as it blossoms to attract love to you.

Magical Tips The Magick Kitchen Cherry Blossoms

There are many more elaborate rituals out there for attracting love with the use of cherry, some require the drilling of cherry pits for many weeks. I like to stick with the methods that are more practical and of course, tasty! At the end of this post, I offer you a simple and elegant recipe for you and your love to share!

Highlights of Cherry

Magickal Aspects: Love & Divination

When in Season: Summer

Cherry-Coconut Bliss Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea

Medicinal Properties: Promote healthy eyesight, Diuretic, Increases appetite, Anti-inflammatory. Drink tea infused with cherry to promote health and longevity.

Spell Work: Use Cherry to attract love and to conduct divinations.

Festivals, Observances, and Ritual: Cherry Blossom Festival

Culinary Use: Cherries are great when eaten raw, dried, baked, and made into jams/preserves. Cherries are especially nice with soft cheese.

As promised here is a very elegant and delicious recipe I love to make for parties and romantic dinners. I have made this often when we get together with other couples. It is a favorite that everyone seems to enjoy. Except for my husband of course…

[mpprecipe-recipe:25]I invite your feedback. Tell me what you think. How has this post helped you, and if you were inspired? I love to know what my readers are up to and how you put my thoughts and experience to use in your world. Also if you have any suggestions on subjects for future posts let me know your thoughts. I’m listening.

Bright Blessing!



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5 thoughts on “The Magickal Aspects of Cherry”

    1. Often Cherry is present during Divination. You can also brew tea to drink before a reading. The pit and leaves can be dried then ground for incense. The particular part you use and the method of how you use it will depend on your preferences, path, and your experience with the plant.

    1. My thoughts? That was a movie… Witchcraft is not a movie. Hollywood tends to make things overly dramatic and that is not exactly how things work. I know many “witches” out there try to mimic Hollywood representations and concepts. They are fiction and should be treated as such.

  1. I’m a baby bay witch and I’m just doing research and I was told to sleep with a cherry pit under my pillow and I love cherries but I’m looking gin to it more and learning so many new things yes I do do my research at 1am

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