Magickal Tip Egg Shells

Hold it! Before you toss those eggshells, let’s do something Magickal with them.

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Magickal Tip: Create Egg Shell Powders by washing and drying your eggshells to make useful Magickal powders for a variety of purposes.

Grind your clean, dry eggshells into a powder and use this powder to cast a circle, bless and feeding your garden. You can also grind dry herbs into your eggshell to create Magickal powders for specific Magickal intentions and goals. To get your shell really dry place them in a low temp oven until the desired dryness is reached.

Try this, use your eggshell powder to make a kind of chalk. This chalk can be used to write Magickal symbols on just about anything. After you create a finely ground powder from your eggshells you can use your finger to draw symbols and signals on a variety of objects. Use it to protect objects, people, animals, and more. This powder can also be used to create a protective barrier around your home. Mix your eggshells with other protective herbs and use this mixture by sprinkling it around the perimeter of your home or property.

UPDATED, June 15, 2015 – I saw a need to update this post because there appears to be some confusion on several blogs regarding Cascarilla Powder. I even see Pagan shops selling this powder, and I fear the information they have obtained on this substance is incorrect.

Croton eluteria, also known as Cascarilla, is a plant species of the genus Croton, native to the Caribbean and is used in other tropical regions of the Americas. IT IS NOT EGGSHELLS, and eggshells do not make Cascarilla powder. Although the plant can be mixed with eggshells for a specific purpose. Cascarilla is a small tree or tall shrub, rarely growing to more than 20 feet in height. Its powder is most often associated with Santeria practices. Cascarilla, including the powder made from this plant, vary in uses from treating and aiding digestive issues and to create Magickal barriers. If you are a Vegan Kitchen Witch, this could be an excellent alternative to using eggshells. Since there is a lot of perceived confusion about Cascarilla Powder vs. powdered eggshells, tell me how you came to know and use Cascarilla. Did you learn from an experienced teacher/practitioner? Did you read it in a book on another blog? I am eager to further understand the association and relation.

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17 thoughts on “Magickal Tip Egg Shells”

  1. I have just read your tips for using eggshells for a variety of purposes, but where are the instructions on how to do this? For instance, you mentioned making a kind of chalk, how do I do? Do you have any more information or solid techniques for someone just beginning to delve into kitchen witchery?

    1. Hi Rae,
      Thank you for your comments! I am in the process of another blog post that will go more into using egg shells. There will also be more information in my book coming out this summer. This book will be a great resource for you as you start your Kitchen Witch Journey. BB

  2. Is there any risk of salmonella? I know in the USA we have to keep our eggs in the fridge (but when I was in Finland, because of the different ways eggs are handled, the eggs were just kept on a shelf and not in the fridge).

      1. yes in the US we keep our eggs in the fridge. To be honest I am not sure why we do this. Some parts of the US are not very hot, but in the South, I can see this being a reason. 😉

        1. We do so because the eggs natural protection or covering is washed away. Farm eggs we do not wash them. They can be kept longer and without refrigerator. )O(

    1. You’re only using the cooked shells and cleaning them out, you’re not using the yolk or whiting. Additionally you’re not consuming the shells. If you’re really that concerned, used wash hands after use or maybe use a special tool to pour or draw with powder.

  3. Iveheard putting your shells in the oven can dry them quickly and kill salmonella, if you’re worried about that

  4. The egg shells are execellent for gardens as well as cage birds, for a source of calcium based protein. That’s what i used for my cage birds…

  5. Hey I need a spell for the eggshell’s… And I am new to this… I didn’t wash them out so will they have a different reaction….

    1. No there will be no different “reaction”. I am not sure what kind of spell you are looking for, but you can grind egg shells into a powder as stated in this post to make a Magickal chalk. This can be used for drawing sigils in spells.

  6. So glad to hear from you. Do you send email individual?
    Have some relationship questions from wish I would like to hear your wisdom.

  7. I save and grind eggshells for health reasons. Adding a quarter to half teaspoon to foods and/or beverages. You will notice the gritty texture more so in liquids than foods.

  8. I’ve read that when you call the corners and create a protection circle outside, you should not use black salt on the ground, but instead use the eggshell powder and mix in the ashes from your burnt sage or incense as you would when you create the black salt and use that instead.
    Is this true?

    1. Great question! Salt on the ground depends on how much you are using. Salt can change the soil composition, killing the microbes in the soil. If salt is a concern, feel free to use something else.

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