Manifesting the Sacred Feminine

Welcome to another Kitchen Witch Table Talk episode.

The Sacred Feminine is many things. Most notably, it is an authority without unnecessary aggression, violence, or destruction.

I was able to witness the beauty and effectiveness of the Sacred Feminine this weekend in Washington DC as we marched for equal rights, the environment, human rights, and equal representation.
Hundreds of thousands of people stood shoulder to shoulder and marched together. We were all strangers, and yet somehow we felt like one big family and treated everyone with kindness.
We all had a different reason to be there. Some of the marchers are marginalized people fighting to have their issues recognized, native people and people of color looking to gain equality in our society.
Some marched because they believe that women should have the same rights as men in healthcare, careers, and more.

Some marched for Standing Rock and our rights to have clean fresh water. Others marched to express their dislike of the current and newly formed government administration. And more marched so that our Mother Earth would have a voice.

We all marched unity and individuality.

We did not bicker or fight about whose views were more important or valid. We marched together because we recognized the power of marching as one. In this power, the gentle presence of the Goddess was evident. We did not riot, break things, or start fights. Our power was in our physical and mental presence. It was in our respect for one another and our respect of our cause.

I think in our current mindset related to what it means to be powerful we automatically believe that we have to be aggressive and cause a degree of harm to be effective. However, when we stand in the company of feminine power and divine feminine energy we quickly learn that this is not the case. We begin to realize a different method for creating change. We learn to generate change without bloodshed or damage. We learn that there is no need to lash out towards our perceived enemies to make our point clear. Instead, we only need to stand tall with our convictions and make our voices heard.

Thank you to all of my brothers and sisters who marched sided by side this weekend.

I wish you all many bright blessing!

3 thoughts on “Manifesting the Sacred Feminine”

  1. I dont think their were many spots around our world that was not impacted. The one here was not quite as strong as D.C. but looked to be a few thousand , I was humbled to see so many woman, as to what will become of this is yet to be seen ?

  2. Greetings Leandra, I wish I could have been there in Washington. I support the Sacred Feminine. Great article having the people being together.

  3. Hi Leandra, Great post! I support the Sacred Feminine and the fight for equality. Back in 1984, I wrote an article about the first woman to climb Mt. Everest. It was published in the school newspaper on the headlines. Ocean Star (Steven).

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