Mojo and Spell Bags

Mojo and Spell Bags


A Mojo or Spell bag is a collection of Magickal ingredients bundled into a small pouch or bag for the purpose of conducting spells.

Mojo and Spell Bags1How to make an effective Mojo Bag

Time to touch on yet another subject that is widely debated in the Magickal community. The parameters and rules related to Spell and Mojo Bags depend on the path/tradition you follow.

Some traditions have very relaxed rules, while others are measurably more rigid. I recommend you do your homework and decide for yourself what works best for you, in your path.

I take the stance of caution and firmness when I create and use Mojo/Spell Bags. Not only do I feel that a Mojo Bag should filled with very specific ingredients related to the intent, I also feel mojo bags need to be hidden at all times. Yes, even from the creator, and especially from the person for whom the spell is intended. Unless, (and here is a grey area) the spell bag created, is intended to be handled by the person for whom the spell is planned.

Hide the bag. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

(I know some of you got a chuckle out of that.)

Here is my reasoning behind hiding the bag. When you perform a spell, you must forget about your working until the working is finished. You should not dwell on it, as you will take away from its intended flow, and disrupt the energy you send forward. I have a whole rubber band philosophy about this I will go into later.

Basically, if you see the bag too soon, you will be reminded of the working. You will consciously and perhaps subconsciously, begin thinking about the outcome, the process, the need/desire, and so on.

“Did it work?”, “Should I have done XYZ instead?”, “Was the incantation long enough?”, “Why is it taking so long to manifest?” and so on. So it is best to hide your bag in a place even you are unlikely to find it.

Here is further consideration for my methods. After you have forgotten your spell and bag, and you do happen to find it again… you will be finding it by chance. You have fully left your spell to the universe, allowing it to guide the working without hindrance. To me when you are ready to find the bag again, it is at that time that your spell is complete. In essence, the energy has been sent to work on your need/desire making the spell complete.

How to dispose of themMojo and Spell Bags2

Want the short answer?   

Burn it!

Yes, burn the bag and everything in it. The only exception are the nails or other objects that might not burn. I allow them to remain in the fire until very hot, then I will reuse them as needed.

Okay, so you have the short answer, now allow me to explain why. In my practice, I do not reuse or recycle fabric and herbs, spices, etc. from one spell to the next. Fire is an effective cleanser and a great way to completely remove energy related to Spell and Mojo Bags.  

Some Witches, I being one of them, are very sensitive to the energy infused into objects. This is why you will not see too many antiques or 2nd hand items in my home. I find many of these items hard to connect with and in most cases, disruptive to my own thoughts and energy flow.

Now there are other methods of cleansing that may allow you to recycle your cloth, twine, and other such items. If you are successful in removing the previously infused energies, then by all means do what feels right to you.

However, I do not recommend reusing herbs, spice and other such ingredients. Perishables are just that, perishable. Once they are depleted just get new herbs for your bags.

Mojo Bags for Any Purpose

So what is your need? What is your desire?

Mojo or Spell bags can be used for just about any purpose. I think the most common uses are protection, money, and cleansing spells. The key is to fill them with items that are very specific to your intent. In addition to herbs, spices, and resins you can fill your bags with bone, hair, paper, amulets, chain, and more.

You will also want to use colors and scents that are specific to your need and desire. Don’t be afraid to use different types and colored cloth. I prefer cotton or linen, some prefer flannel, while others like leather or wool.

As with most Magickal practices you should experiment and try a variety of ingredients and methods.


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8 thoughts on “Mojo and Spell Bags”

  1. I am curious on your opinion of wearing a protection (Mojo) bag low around the neck should it be a protection for the wearer. Wouldn’t it be more useful with you than hidden away somewhere back home? Second, what are your thoughts on calling for a spiritual connection to the bag to assist in the protection. Either a familiar entity like an elemental who lives with you, or an unknown identity like a black mass shadow entity that has decided to watch over you for some reason. You know once they see that you see them they don’t hide so much anymore. Or possibly just a ghost that usually responds to a call even if it’s just an invite to watch television you and a few others. I sometimes just call a group when in the forests along a river on my property and you can hear them walking up from every direction some are ghostly others never were people at all. The energy when many are present is remarkable but never has it been of a hurtful nature, not once. They also like being acknowledged and included in things like protecting the property from those wishing to do bad things. Once they even scared away a guy I didn’t trust but was working for me who was a friend of my son. We drove down to tell my son we were going out to eat where he was fishing at our lake. I walked around the lake to the other side and thought it was odd the friend didn’t follow me staying buy the truck. When I was almost around to the opposite side where my son was I thought he had come up to meet me because there was a dark shadow against a birch tree in from of me. As I got closer it was clear it wasn’t him. It was a shadow man so dark it seemed to a hole into the center of a black hole compared to the darkness behind the leaves as it was after dusk and the only light was the moonlight behind my left shoulder. The shadow man was against the foliage of the tree only ten feet or so in front so I asked it What the F__K do you want? It started to vibrate in a jiggly kind of way and then shot off around the tree to my right in that circling way since after all it was a shadow, just without the object to create it between it and the moon. When I got back to the truck that I had locked mindlessly when I got out I found the friend in a rattled state and he wouldn’t talk about what was wrong. It was three years before he finally revealed what he had seen to my son, and had never been back. He saw a dozen or so grim reaper types skating around on the water and each time one passed by him it pointer an accusing finger at him. I an my son both noticed the v shaped little waves on the surface that were like the ones made by little fish or water bugs, but these were much bigger. We both noticed the weird buzzing more like electricity than any bug flying around too. So do you think I could attempt to attach one or more to a Mojo bag to take on the road with me so to speak, or are you aware of such a thing?

    1. Hi Dan! I have to say WOW!!! That is certainly an experience. First yes, you can absolutely wear a mojo bag close to you for protection if you feel it is necessary. They are VERY effective as long as no one else sees it or touches it. Many times these bags are pinned to the inside of a waist band or concealed in some other way. Calling a spiritual connection is also common. Many call patron Deities, ancestors, and the like. Just don’t summon what you cannot banish. That is always sounds advice. I hope I helped answer your question. Let me know if you need further assistance. BB

  2. I was in the middle of my week of keeping my mojo pouch on me and rushing out to work one morning I left it home. Has this now been broken.

  3. My son committed suicide in August 2021. I finally received his things from the coroner. There is a mojo bag among his belongings. Apparently they had already opened it and looked to see what was in it. Some of the rocks had fallen out and into the other bag with the rest of his things. I took the items out to see what they were as I have never dealt with anything like this. There was also another little bag inside that one with smaller stones. I did not open it. I guess my main question would be what should I do with it. I would like to keep it for a memory keepsake but could something bad happen to me for opening it up and looking at the things in it. I am not educated in this field.

    1. I am sorry for your loss. I think the best thing you can do with this bag is to bury it. It had meaning to your son, perhaps he will be the only one to know its purpose. You are in my thoughts.

  4. I stumbled upon a little bag made of cloth, sewn shut around the edges with a gold cross sewn on the front of it. In the same closet I found hidden next to it drug instruments and needles. I assumed it was drugs and wanted to get it out of my house but inside was small pebbles and dust looking stuff. So after looking into that I realize it was probably a mojo bag of some sort. What should I do? I’m terrified of bad karma or something upon my house. I am a single mom with two little boys. What I did- I instantly sewed it back shut and put it back where it was. I said a prayer for forgiveness for meddling and that I meant no harm. I offered up a gift of my own, a small silver cross, next to where it came from. What should I do???

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