Moon Brewed Tea

Moon Brewed Tea

I can see the beautiful round moon peeking over the horizon. At first, she appears large and bold and a little orange as she slides up higher into the sky. I watch her in awe and delight as she inches higher above me. Her gentle glow bathes me in powerful energy that somehow seems gentle and caring. I feel my skin tingle as I soak up her silvery light and the hair on my neck and arms prickle. A sense of delight comes over me while I begin my work.
My intention is set. My tea blend is chosen, and it is time to let the moon do the rest!

The Moon

The moon is a fascinating lady. Her brilliant white glow has me enamored from the moment I see the faintest hint of silver in the sky. Even when she is not shining bright, I find myself looking for her subtle shadowy outline. Part of me wants to make sure she is still there, looking over me. Another part of me is simply fascinated with her ability to be present without being seen.
The moon has many lessons to teach us. She reminds me that everything in nature has a cycle. Each of us has ups, downs, moments to shine, and moments to hideaway. She pushes and pulls the tides, bending the oceans with her magnetic charm. She shines without apology, casting her silvery-white light on everything she sees. Her light helps illuminate things that maybe go un-noticed or are taken for granted in the sunlight. From this, she is demonstrating a new perspective. As we squint our eyes to make out the shapes in the dark, she is teaching critical thinking and flexibility. She makes subtle hills, branches, and shadowy dips in the landscape part of the story she tells.
When she is dark, she is again unapologetic. She hides away, allowing the stars to shine more brightly. In this lesson, we are gifted permission to pull away. We are given permission to indulge in rituals of self-care, renewal, or simply we are given time to plan while others shine brightly in their achievements. She teaches us the value of moving into the shadows allowing us to do what needs to be done. She reminds us that it’s okay NOT to be “on” all the time. It’s okay to move into solitude for a while. It’s okay to be alone or inaccessible when we need space. It’s okay to renew and rebirth ourselves whenever necessary.
I love the dark moon and the full moon equally. The dark moon, for me, is a time for restoration and planning. The full moon, for me, is a time for action and moving forward with my goals and ideas. This shows up in my magick and how I practice my craft.
While I am enamored with the moon, she might have some competition. The plants that grow under the moon might also have an equal claim to my spirit. Each makes me swoon as I experience their energy and the spirits within. Bark, roots, leaves, flowers, and more create teas, healing salves, and tonics that can be used in a variety of ways. My favorite way to use them is in magick and in the form of tea. Naturally, the moon and the plants I utilize go hand-in-hand.
I thought I would share with you one of my favorite ways to blend the magick of the moon with the magick of plants by explaining how I brew tea under the moon.

Moon Brewed Tea

If you have ever made Sun Tea, making Moon Tea will not be too far off from what you know. As a kid, Sun tea was my absolute favorite. It was so good, and I had fun checking on the jar as the tea leaves gave way to the water. I always thought the color flowing off the leaves looked like magical ribbons. I would sit in the sun next to the table where the jar sat to watch as the water changed from clear to a honey-color.
Today my daily routines are heavily steeped in tea. Every day I am blending and brewing tea for The Witchwood Teahouse and myself. Naturally, I have come to appreciate the ritual elements that can be paired with the brewing and enjoyment of tea. I use a variety of methods for brewing my teas, from hot water steeping to extended decoctions – each lending its own vitality and flavor components to the brew.
It only seemed natural that I would begin brewing tea out under the moon. Each month when I take my copper mixing bowl out to charge, I also enjoy making a few batches of Full Moon Tea to enjoy over the next few days.
As I mentioned before, I view the full moon is a time for manifesting and tapping into my forward momentum. This influences the types of teas I choose for my Moon Tea brews. The process I will share with you can also be used for the dark moon. Typically, my Full Moon Brews are filled with activating energy where my Dark Moon brews are more subtle and focused on self-care.
The critical thing to remember is to choose a tea (or the teas) that resonate with your intention(s). Once you have your intention(s) clarified, you can begin this simple process of moon brewed tea.

What you’ll need for brewing your tea

Whole loose-leaf tea that engages with your intentions
Filtered or bottled water
Glass Jars or a Glass Cold Brew Tea Pitcher
Measuring spoons
Mesh strainer to filter out the leaves (you’ll need this for after your tea is brewed)

The Tea

I know I am a little biased, but I prefer whole loose-leaf tea. Small batched loose-leaf tea is so much better and more flavorful compared to commercially packed tea. Loose tea is often much higher in quality and is often much fresher in comparison. Using loose-leaf tea provides a significantly better tea flavor and sipping experience.
Also, think about your magick. Using quality ingredients will help add to the quality of your magick. Whenever possible, your herbs and spices should always come from a reputable source and be of high quality. After all, this is magick you infuse and ingest, it only makes sense to create a DIVINE experience.

How much tea will you need?

Here is a simple chart to help you measure the right amount of tea. These estimations might vary depending on some teas. If your tea has more roots and bark in it, you might need to measure a little more tea.

Number of brewed servings Water Loose Leaf Tea
1 1 cup 1.5 teaspoons
2 2 cups 1 tablespoon
4 4 cups
(1 quart)
2 tablespoons
8 8 cups
(2 quarts)
4 tablespoons


How to brew tea using the moon

This method is very close to what is known as cold brewing. Cold brewing tea (and coffee) offers many benefits for magick and your sipping pleasure. Trust me – it’s a complete game-changer. Cold-brewing tea is a gentle process that creates a smoother tasting tea. The reason for this is because tannins (which can make the tea taste bitter and astringent) aren’t thoroughly steeped out of the tea. Tea with less bitterness makes a more enjoyable tea.
Cold brewing is slow. You will need to be patient with it, and if the moon teaches us nothing, she teaches us about patience. It can take 12-24 hours to fully brew your tea using this method. Which is why I like to make many varieties at one time. This way, I have plenty of tea to savor over the next few days. Cold brewing is also GREAT for hot summer days when you need some soothing refreshment.

Here is how I make it happen.

Set up your altar area                         
I do this in the middle of my yard, where I know the light of the moon will fully hit my jars or pitchers for at least an hour. If all you have is a window, use it! Decorate your altar with all the things you love and want to have present during this time. If you want to charge your crystals, jewelry, and other magickal items at the same time, go for it! Candles are also a super nice touch. They are always #1 on my list of altar items.
Clarify your intention
Spell work is nothing without a well-defined reason why. By this time, you should have an idea of what you need to accomplish, and you should have chosen a tea or tea blend that represents this intention.
Place your tea leaves and water in a pitcher or glass jar
Use filtered or bottled, cool or room temperature water. As you focus on your intention, pour the water into the jar or pitcher with your tea – no need to boil the water when it comes to this method of brewing. Next, set your jars or pitcher out on your altar under the moon. Let them hang out here for at least an hour.  If you wish, you can say a prayer or speak your intention out loud to the moon and into your water. I find this is an ideal time to perform a short ritual where I acknowledge and solidify my needs and desires as well as the outcome I most desire.
When you are done, take your brew in and place it in the fridge. OR… If you think your brew will be safe, you can leave it outside under the moon all night. Just be sure that you gather it up before the sun rises.
Put your tea in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
Your tea should sit in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours, or as desired. I just let it hang out there until I feel the need to use it within the next couple of days.
To enjoy strain out tea leaves
If you use a specialty pitcher, it will likely have a built-in strainer making this step unnecessary. This also makes life a little easier.
If you don’t have a specialty pitcher-strainer combo, using a simple fine mesh strainer will do just fine. Simply strain the tea into another container and enjoy!
Enjoy your tea!
Cold-brewed tea is already chilled, so adding ice is optional, but you might find this extra refreshing on a hot summer day. The critical thing when you enjoy magickally charged tea is to remember your intention and spend time with this intention in your head each time you enjoy a sip.

There you have it, Moon Brewed Tea. I hope you will share your results with us on Instagram @LeandraWitchwood and Facebook @TheWitchwoodTahouse

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  1. Wonderful post, recipe and ode to Luna. My husband and I just watched cottony wisps of cloud part and give way to the most exquisitely lovely, glisteningly white moon this evening. It was a July moon if there was – round, vibrant, and all but pulsating with the spirit of this sizzling hot season. How fitting then to find this post at the top of my feeds tonight. Adore that!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡

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