Moon Water Tutorial

Moon, Sacred Water OR Holy Water, is water that is energetically charged using the energy of the moon.

In this Sacred Water Tutorial, I will take you through my process of infusing water with the energy of the Moon.

Moon, Sacred or Holy water is used in a variety of rites and rituals for cleansing, empowering, and infusing items and spell work with energy.  Water is sacred in just about every tradition and has been so since humans realized its necessity for life.
Making Moon water is a relatively simple process, and yet it can sometimes be tough to complete. As I always say, “Simple does not always mean easy.” This process will require your attention and preparation. This ritual is of my own making. As I tell all my students, this is a starting point. Think of it as a bit of inspiration for you to build upon.
This ritual should be performed when the skies are clear, and there is no threat of a storm or heavy cloud cover. Making Holy Water from rain is a tutorial for another time, and you will want to be careful that wind does not blow over your vessel over and break it.
Here is what you need to create your own Holy or Sacred Water.
  • Choose one of the following vessels: a clear glass container. This can be a vase, clean-empty wine bottle, mason jar, etc.
  • Salt (Sea Salt, Gray Salt, Pink Salt, etc.)
  • Silver, it can be a ring, chain, etc. OR you can use a silver bowl (with this method you will not need any additional pieces of silver).
  • Cheesecloth and piece of black cloth *This is optional and can be used to cover your vessel if you are unable to close it. Use the cheesecloth while your vessel is out under the moon, and use a piece of black cloth to cover your bottle when you put it away during the daylight hours.
  • A Mirror
  • A table of some sort. It can be an Altar or just a sturdy flat surface
  • A black tablecloth (this can also be used later to cover your moon water until you choose to use it)
  • 5 Candles & a lighter

You will also need to think about how you will store your water. It should be stored in a cool dark place where sunlight cannot hit it. If you choose a recycled wine bottle, mason jar or the like you can save your water in the same vessel you made it in. Otherwise, you will need an additional storage bottle for when your moon water is charged and ready. In this tutorial, I am using a vase I often use for rituals and spell work.

Basic supplies for Sacred Water

Preparing for the full moon:

Day 14 of the 29.5 Day Moon Cycle – Cleansing and Preparation:
  1. Wash your vessel and storage bottle thoroughly. Soap and water are acceptable. I also like to use a little salt in my water when cleansing any magickal tool.
  2. To make your silver piece shine use a soft cloth and some baking soda to clean it up.
  3. Next clean your mirror.

Ready to Infuse!

Day 14-16 of the 29.5 days Moon Cycle: This is a 3-night process. You will begin when the moon is just becoming full (day/night 14) and end on the 16th day/night) of the 29.5-day moon cycle. You will want to designate a place to keep your water when you bring it in each morning. Find a spot in a dark cupboard or on a shelf in your pantry where it will not be disturbed.

Please note: This is how I create Moon Water. I find the ritual of dedicating myself to the process makes a powerful tool I can use in my other workings. If you have another preferred method, please use it. Do what works best for you!

  1. Set up your table outside where you know the moonlight will directly hit it at midnight when the moon is highest in the sky. For me, this means placing my table in the center of my lawn in the backyard.
  2. Cover your table with your black cloth and place the mirror right side up in the center of the table.
  3. On top of your mirror place, your vessel filled with water. *Now I know there is much debate out there about what kind of water to use. Honestly, use what you have. If you plan to use it in magickal cooking or other forms of consumable magick, make sure you use potable water. 
  4. Around your vessel & mirror place your five candles.
  5. Now here is where you will want to say something epic and significant. Yeah… don’t we all. Instead of making a fuss about memorizing a long speech, try focusing on the purpose of your water. Focus on the value of the moon and the power she offers. Think of how the moonlight will shine through the water infusing it with all the influences of the moon. If you prefer to put pen to paper, go for it! I am an “off the cuff” kind of girl. I let the words flow as the Goddess intends.
  6. As you think and speak, drop in your silver piece, and begin lighting your candles.
  7. Take a moment to soak in the moon’s energy for yourself. Visualize how the moonlight will permeate you as well as the water.
  8. Cover your vessel with cheesecloth (if necessary) and leave the moon to her work. Seriously have a glass of wine or a cup of tea and go relax.

Before Sunrise (each morning) –

Set your alarm!!! Before the sun begins to rise each morning, you will want to bring in your vessel along with all your supplies. Place them in your designated cupboard or shelf and cover with your black cloth until the nightfall.

Repeat this process for three nights. After the 3rd night, you will have Holy Water! Store this charged water until you need it.

So are you ready? Get out there and try this!
I would love to hear about your experiences.
**Important notes: If you watch too much Supernatural, Charmed, Sleepy Hollow, Witches of East End, and the like… Please keep your comments to yourself. This is not Hollywood, nor is this a Christianized horror novel. To those who think they know everything about everything, you too can keep your comments to yourself. This is a pure offering from my path and years of experience. If you think you know better, then you should write your blog filled with your infinite knowledge and experience. There is no place here for childish behavior or posturing from cowardly internet trolls. We all walk a different path. It is important to remember that diversity is imperative. Mother Nature gets this, and so should we humans.
To those who enjoy my offerings, and have something constructive to add, I welcome you and hope you stick around for more. I also would love to hear from you. I appreciate different points of view.
© The Magick Kitchen, 2011

3 thoughts on “Moon Water Tutorial”

  1. Curious if you leave the candles burning all night long? Even though it is outside, I would still be concerned about a fire hazard. Thanks for all the good information for us new people.

    1. Of course it is not recommend to leave candles burning while unattended. This is where a snuffer come sin handy. You can snuff the flame and relight the candle at a later time when you are able to watch it more closely.

  2. I like to put different gems in the water while making my moon water, I then take some each day,,,, I call it my wishing water and will always give a blessing and thanks before I take it,,,
    I enjoyed learning new ways of others, thank you for sharing this,
    I will also be going out and getting cabbage to make the ink,, going to write on a bay leaf then burn the leaf and will bury the remains

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