New Moon Tea Ritual for Health & Vitality

New Moon Tea Ritual for Health & Vitality

This is a FREE event! In this ritual, we will use the power of the New Moon to bring into our lives health and vitality. This is another Tea Ceremony where we will blend and enjoy tea as a crucial part of the ceremony.

If you choose to fully participate, please have the following items and ingredients on hand:

  • Tea making supplies (strainer, kettle, cup, spoon, water, etc.)
  • a sacred candle
  • a lighter or matches (your choice)
  • The dried ingredient to make the tea: Thistle, Rose, Lemon balm, Peach (fresh works too) & Ginger (fresh or crystalized will work)

Visit The Magick Kitchen Events Calendar for more information about future events.

Please note that we lost internet and power during the ritual. It was a very interesting night. ENJOY!

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