Prepare Yourself for Deep Cleansing and Purifying

Deep Cleansing and Purifying

What could go wrong?

It’s the New Year, and it seems like my social media feed is stuffed with Witches and Pagans asking (and offering) for advice on how to cleanse themselves, their homes, and lives as they create a new start.  From Kitchen Witch Bone Broth Cleanses to sweeping and smudging the whole house, everyone seems to be fixated on cleansing. To read more about the HOW TO check out this post: Sacred Cleansing

To be honest, cleansing and purifying your home, objects, and self is not all that difficult. There is no real hazard in it and most techniques are easy to follow. BUT as in all aspects of magick, there is always a potential for side effects. “What could possibly go wrong?” I’m just cleansing.” Yes, I hear you! you’re right, most of the time cleansing is not something you need to worry about. After all, you are likely performing a cleansing because you’re already experiencing something negative in your life. Of course, get rid of that shit!

The thing to remember is that when you do anything with energy, there is always that potential of something going no so right. In most cases, with deep cleansings, we can dislodge deeply rooted energies. Rightly so! Why perform deep cleansings if you are not looking to get rid of deeply rooted issues? The issue come when we fail to consider what comes next. Rarely do practitioners ask themselves, “What happens once I release this old, stagnant-festering energy? This, my friend, is where chaos can take hold. Here is where we find the hiccup.

Depending on what you plan to cleanse and how deeply rooted the issue has become will make all the difference. A simple, regular cleansing of energy doesn’t usually dig deep enough to cause any significant side effects. Aside from the occasional sneezing fit, some experience when smoke and herbs are used. Regular saining or smudging is necessary for maintaining balance and well-being on our path. Regular cleansing helps us maintain the work we have already done.

Your spirit-self reacts to deep cleansings, much like your physical body might. After a deep cleanse is perform, many experience reactions. Sometimes these reactions are severe. When we cleanse the body of sugar, caffeine, and toxins, our physical body will experience adverse symptoms. This is the body’s way of working its way into balance. You can experience headaches, intense cravings, nausea and more. The same can happen when we perform a deep spiritual cleanse.

These side effects can be illnesses like the flu, colds, and sore throats. They can also manifest as body aches, pains, dizziness, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, and more. Often what it means is that you had some serious psychic sludge hanging out, and now it is coming to the surface. If your intention was to cleanse deeply, then congratulations, you were successful! Now it is time for the real work to begin. I know that’s not the reward you were hoping to receive. Spiritual work and energy work rarely reward us with shiny metals and fragrant bouquets.


When you experience illness and discomfort as a result of deep energetic cleansings, it is important to honor these symptoms. It is also important to not jump to the conclusion that you are under some sort of energetic or magickal attack. Keep in mind that these backlashes or side effects are not bad, nor do they mean someone is out to get you. They are necessary. They are simply part of the process of creating balance. Think of this as a hard reboot.

If you experience illness and discomfort after performing your New Year’s cleanse, make sure you are taking good care of yourself. Eat the healthy foods your body needs. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas. When you are up to it, move your body often. While you are feeling down and out, it may also be a good time to remind yourself of why you are cleansing in the first place. Take time to go over your goals and what you intend to manifest this year. Journal your thoughts and experiences. Plan activities for your health and well-being like meal planning & prep. Maybe do a card spread and see what your meditative focus should be as you get well.

Adverse effects of cleansing your body and spirit are a clear message. These symptoms are trying to tell you to care for yourself. It is time to love yourself enough to take exquisite care of yourself. Once you are better, don’t revert to old unhealthy habits. This will take a conscious daily effort. Keep up with those nourishing activities. Make them your new routine. Forget that, make them your new daily ritual. Skip the drive-through and prepare yourself a fresh salad instead. Make time to walk each day, meditate, and so on. Continue to hydrate your body with cool-clean water and deliciously brewed tea.

Cleansing is about taking care of yourself and your house. Your hard work and dedication will uplift and set you in the sun as you walk your path with renewed vigor.


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