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Personal Magickal Defense

Recently, several readers have asked me about Magickal protection and spell work related to energy shielding. I think this is a great subject that we can explore in many ways. I certainly will not be able to cover it all in one post. It is very likely that I could write an entire book on the subject. There are so many possibilities and facets to this subject I am finding it difficult to start.

I think to keep things simple I will touch on a few main points and practices that will help you adequately perform protection Magick and spell work. Some of these points will help you immediately while others will give you a nudge in the direction of developing your skills, should you choose.

Let’s start with the basics. What is protection Magick? To be plain Protection Magick is energy/spell work that is focused on protecting an individual, family, workspace, and/or object(s) from perceived or unintended harm.

My first question when discussing Protective Magick is, “From what or whom are you seeking protection?”, and “Who or what is seeking to do harm, and why?” These basic questions will help you shape your protective barrier and effectively execute the work.

Protection Magick can be performed in a variety of ways, from the drawing of symbols to the casting of protective circles around specific areas to clean your home. The devil is the details and success is in focused intent. With that said, let’s highlight some of the ways you can perform Protection Magick. These methods will help you hone your focus and develop your skills in this area of Magickal practice.

Protective Energy Fields

The concept of Protective Magick is to create a protective barrier or field around ourselves, loved ones, valued objects, and the spaces where we reside. The skill of creating protective energy fields is essential to this Magickal practice. A protective barrier is what guards us and our valuables against energies that have the potential to do harm or cause disruption in our intent or flow. These fields are used in just about every aspect so get to know them well, and become good at creating them.

Although creating a Magickal barrier is not exactly the same as locking our valuables in a safe, it can be very effective with the right focused intent. Protective Magickal barriers can make our valuables/us invisible or less desirable to harmful entities and energies.

The drawing up of a protective field or invisible Magickal barrier for the purpose of protection is sometimes called Casting Circle and is also related to calling quarters. It is a simple process you can practice any time, whenever, and where ever you might need it.

One effective method of casting a Magickal barrier is to imagine yourself enveloped in white light. The light may start at your head and slowly works its way over your body down to your feet. As you envision this field forming around you, feel at peace and isolated from unwanted energies and influences. This practice is also effective for protecting and defining Magickal circles and work areas, hence the term casting circle.

If you would like to protect any object from it being touched or moved you can use a similar method. Envision the object enveloped in fire. Envision the object becoming extremely hot, so hot it glows like an ember.  This is effective in many ways. I have to admit I have used it on many occasions to keep unwanted hands off my goods.

Calling Upon Magickal Entities

Magickal entities are what you might think they are. They are fairies, elves, brownies, dragons, power animals, spirits, and so on. When calling upon Magical entities for protection I recommend you only do so if you have a well-established relationship with the entity or entities.

Having deep respect and personal knowledge of these creatures is essential in working with them. They are, after all, sentient and intelligent beings who are not here to specifically serve our purposes. They may, however, do your bidding out of mutual respect and adoration. Developing a solid relationship is essential in asking them for anything. They must be willing to work with you.

Once you have developed a specific relationship you will develop your own way of interacting and calling upon them for help. In fact, if your relationship is of high enough quality you may never have to ask for help because the entity will always be at your side.

Calling Upon Magickal Elemental Energies

I apply the same basic principles to calling on elemental energies as I do with Magickal entities. I feel you should have a very good understanding and skill level when working with outside entities and energies of any sort.

Elemental Energies are obscure. Some view elemental energy as elementals. I tend to think of them in the context of natural energy. The very essence of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, if you will. Unpredictable like the wind, volatile like fire, solid and unmoving like stone, fluid and ever-changing like water, and ambiguous like spirit.

To work with the elements you need to have a specific level of control and skill to adequately use these energies. A good example is calling upon Earth for protection. Although Earth is strong and hard to break through, it is slow energy and needs time to build up in order to be effective. You will need to know when and how to use the energy in order for it to be effective. Fire is also a very effective element to use for protection, but it is hard to control. Too much fire energy and you will end up burning yourself in the end… no pun intended. Okay, I take it back, every pun intended.

So know what and how to work with the energy you seek to incorporate into your Magickal practice.

Pagan_religions_symbolsSymbols & Sigils

Dating back to the Stone Age, the drawing of symbols and sigils looks to be the oldest form of protection Magick. It is also the most widely used. Today many faiths practice this form of Magick, making it non-exclusive to Witchcraft, Paganism, or Wicca. For centuries protective symbols have been carved into a variety of items from stone to peach pits. I don’t think there is a religion or culture out there that does not have its own set of protective symbols that are worn or displayed in some way.

This Magick works through the vibrations that resonate between you, the symbol, and the universe. I will not pretend that I completely understand how it all works. What I do know is that when you give a shape, symbol, or object meaning, you also give it power. This can be as simple as drawing a Magickal symbol of protection on a piece of paper and carrying it in your pocket, or as complicated as a 6-month ritual to invoke the powers of invisibility and shapeshifting.

Wearing Amulets & Protective Objects

To reflect the plethora of options related to Protection Magick, this Magickal art form is full of options. We are led from the ideal of Magickal symbols and sigils to how we employ their use. Of course, the most common form is to wear these symbols in jewelry. If you desire you can take this practice much further. You can embroider bags and clothing with protective symbols, get your skin tattooed or shave them into your head if you like. There really is no limit when you think about it.

To give you even more possibilities you don’t have to stick with your regularly designated protection symbol. You can wear the carving of your own protective entity.

Here is an example to consider. If you have developed a relationship with Wolf and Wolf is your personal protector, wear an amulet carved in the likeness of a wolf or have an image of a wolf tattooed on your body, etc. It is possible you already do this, and perhaps you did not give it much thought.

The Magick Kitchen Protection Magick_3Herbs, Spices & Foods

This is probably my favorite. I am not much on wearing jewelry. Ask my husband, in this department, I am very low maintenance. So instead of remembering to wear one of the many necklaces and rings I have acquired over the years, I most often use herbs, spices, and food as my protectors.

There are dozens of herbs, spices, and foods we can grab out of the pantry that will lend us a great barrier of protection. You can mix them into recipes, place them in sachets to carry with you where ever you go. Heck, you can even mix them in with flower arrangements or infuse them into the water to create a fragrant and beneficial room spray.


I hope you are able to see the vast number of possibilities you have here. Protection Magick does not have to be overly complicated or daunting. Try a few things and see what works best for you.

I invite your feedback. Tell me what you think. How has this post helped you, and if you were inspired? I love to know what my readers are up to and how you put my thoughts and experience to use.

Bright Blessing!


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5 thoughts on “Protective Magick, Personal Magickal Defense”

  1. Mirrors are great at protecting. Not only do they protect, but they send negative energy back to where it came from. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen them work. I wear a tiny one on me all the time. They are also used in feng shui and the placement of them in your home is very important so be careful. They must be placed with not only protection but also with the best intent in mind. For example, instead of energizing them with an attitude of “They’ll get theirs!”, place them with the intent of peace and harmony, however that comes about. Beveled mirrors are supposed to work best, but I’ve gotten amazing results with just a tiny mirror bought in a craft store. I’ve also learned that sometimes less is more. If you have too many mirrors around your house for protective reasons, it could become like a shield that protects you from good stuff too, so just remember, 1. Energize positively, 2. Strategic placement, and 3. Don’t overdo.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful information. I have recently felt a calling, so I am new to this. Could you possibly explain exactly what a “sigil” is? I was given a sigil of Archangel Michael, and when asked by people what it is I don’t know exactly what to say. I am also confused by the symbols and what they mean. I have done research on the internet, but it really doesn’t really explain it other than it is an “amulet”.

    1. Sigils are usually carved, engraved or embossed images, symbols, runes or other designs that can be part of or made into an amulet. They are also used as part of other Magickal artifacts. I am not familiar with Archangels. My forte is in Animal spirit guides, so I am afraid I am not much help here.
      An Amulet, however, is a symbol or Sigil that is usually worn (typically a necklace or as some sort of jewelry) and often is worn to protect against danger/harm. I hope that helps!

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