Reverence of Nature

Within nature, I feel at home. Here I am not the misfit or the outcast. I am understood. I am not awkward nor am I misrepresented.
Here I am appreciated, adequate, and filled with spiritual energy; downloaded directly from Divinity.
Nature demands only that I listen and observe.
The land supports me.
The wind speaks to me.
The warmth of the sun ignites me.
The water ( or falling snow) cleanses me.
Friends and family closest to you will try to know you, but they can only go as far as their ability to see the true you will allow.
There are few in my life who make the effort to dig deep and look with their hearts and soul over their minds. Some work hard to tear me down and discredit my abilities, my wisdom, and inner light – and with this, they have chosen cast away any ability to know me. Those who follow them have also judged me and voided their ability to know me, but they probably don’t even realize it.
This is where I am pushed aside, forcing my gifts from the world. They do the same to you… Their ego rules their world speaking to them of superiority and righteousness.
Within nature, we can learn and grow. She is patient and takes time to sincerely, and deeply know us. We can exist without ridicule. We are not falsely judged and wrongfully sentenced. We are protected. We are fulfilled. Here we can become whole.
All of these gifts are at our fingertips. Just step outside and open your mind and heart.

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