The Magickal Aspects of Lilacs

The Magickal Aspects of Lilacs

The Magickal Aspects of Lilacs The Magick KitchenIt’s a FUN flower!

Lilacs a some of my most favorite flowers. Their fragrance is sweet and intoxicating.

I can’t help but stop and breathe in their distinct scent. Where I live, we have a large bush in my backyard that blossoms with a large cluster of purple-lavender flowers.

Lilacs come in a variety of colors, from classic lilac-purple to mauve. I find the lilac colored varieties have the strongest scent while the white is very subtle.

Lilac bushes only bloom for about 2 weeks each year from about May to June, depending on the variety and location. They can grow to 20-23 feet tall, having many shoots that create a small thicket over time. Lilacs are deciduous with a heart to oval-shaped leaves and long stems with smooth grayish brown bark.

Lilacs are easy to grow and are usually very hearty. They need very little attention. They can be propagated using cuttings. Here are some resources that explain how to grow Lilacs from cuttings and their general care.



Syringa vulgaris 

Magickal Associations/Properties:

Exorcism, Protection & Flirtation

Culinary Use:

Mix into soft cheeses and frozen yogurt, or use to garnish sweet dishes like cakes, pies, and tarts.



When In Season:

Mid to late Spring/Early Summer

Spell Work:

This is the flower you want when you are looking for a short fling. Use in spells where flirtation is desired without the goal of a long-term or serious relationships. Lilac keeps things light and uncomplicated. Spray the oil in rooms as an air freshener that will lighten the mood for party guests.

Lilacs are also known to drive away evil. Plant lilacs bush around your property to rid it of evil and to protect it from evil. Lilacs placed in the home can also help rid it of evil spirits.


Use fresh cut flowers from the bush when in season. Buy Lilac essential oil for use year round.

Home and Ritual Décor:

Lilacs make a great head wreath for fun outings and adventures. You can place fresh cut stems and flowers in a vase around your home to fill it with lilacs fragrance.


Lilac Flirtation Spell

Lilac Flirtation Spell The Magick Kitchen

Let’s bring out the flirt in you!

Perform this spell just before a social engagement or even a date, when you want to feel particularly attractive. This is also a great spell for a couple looking to add a little spark back into their relationship.

Spell Work Supplies

Patchouli Incense

Red Candle


Lilac Water

Spray Bottle


Light the incense and bring your thoughts to your purpose.

Light your red candle and feel yourself becoming more lively and attractive. See yourself surrounded by fun and flirty company, making yourself attractive yourself to those you seek.

Once you feel your energy begin to rise, pour your Lilac water into your spray bottle. Cap the bottle and hold it in your hands. Through your hands infuse the bottle with all the sexual, flirtatious, and lusty energy you can conjure.

When you feel your energy wane, place the bottle on your table and relax. Ground yourself if necessary.

Finally, spray the Lilac water over your head allowing it to sprinkle down on you. Do this just before your date or social gathering.


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10 thoughts on “The Magickal Aspects of Lilacs”

  1. Thank you for posting this! I’ve had it on my to-do list to find out what the magical properties are of the lilac bush that just bloomed in my new yard. I found this just in the nick of time, too! The blossoms are just about to start fading!

  2. Hi Leandra!
    I like how you talk about the flirtation aspect of the lilac. I have used this aspect of the herb in a friendship oil on my blog, to add an influence of charm. I combined myrrh, rose, and lilac. From these ingredients, it would be a good combination for flirting too, what do you think?

    1. MM Harry!
      I think this is a great combo. Since Myrrh is often used for its cleansing properties, I think this would add some purity to the results. As we all know sometimes flirting can lead to unsavory or undesirable results. Perhaps, the Myrrh can keep things “clean” so to speak. Whereas Rose will add a deeper connection on a psychic level as well as a little luck!
      Let me know how it turns out.

    2. I am wondering whether you can actual make up a syrup or water of lilacs for the medicinal value. I think it’s good for constipation. Is it his correct? Or alternatively I what would you suggest for this problem naturally cooked up ? Cheers


    I just noticed a post from a couple of years ago stating the Lilacs can baniish migraines. I would love to have some further info concering this. If one has a mingrain while Liacs are in bloom would you recommendeating a few f the flowers themselves or the use of Lilac oil or what!?

    I look forward to hearing more about this, since I suffer from migraines periodically and can not take the meds normally used for them..

    thanks, Patricia Arnold

    1. MM Patricia,
      I am not sure where you read this, but it was not something I wrote. Lilacs are often a trigger for migraines, not a method for banishment. There are many other herbs often used for treating migraines. I recommend you consult your physician or herbalist for a regimen that is right for you.

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