Transforming the Divine Seed

Transforming the Divine Seed

Deciphering a modern spiritual dilemma toward living your Divine purpose.

When we are called by the Divine we are given a gift. This gift is a seed and we are charged with its survival. As we know, seeds need certain things and in the right combination to grow.

When you feel the calling to do spiritual work or when you are called to connect with Divinity, you are presented with this Divine seed and you are asked to make it grow. But how? In our society (especially here in the West) we are told that we are insignificant, incapable, and small. We are given the message that intellect is superior compared to intuition, while we are told in the next sentence to “Go with our gut”.

This confusing and contradictory message is told to us over and over throughout our lives. Sure, we have moments where we are “ON TOP” and we are told we can do ANYTHING!!! But then almost immediately after we are shown the opposite as we move through conventional society. One minute its “Keep your feet on the ground”, and the next it’s “Think outside the box.”

Truthfully, Modern western culture favors and idealizes the rational mind and mindsets that are linear. It favors intellectualism over gut instincts and spiritual possibilities. We need to be able to measure it and prove that it (whatever that may be) really works before we can call it effective. This does not leave us much room to be idealists, spiritual visionaries, artists, nor does this allow us to fully connect with Divinity.

As you might guess – Or through personal experience you know, this poses a huge problem when we are called to do Divine work. It becomes too easy to question the validity and relevance of your calling. We find the ego lunging at us with questions and doubts, like: “I’m not qualified.” “Am I making this up?” “Who am I to do this task?”

I experienced this myself. I struggled with doubt and my inability to find validity in my calling for many years until one day I realized the facade in which I was deeply entangled.

I’ll be honest. Coming to the realization that my calling was true took time. My ego and conditioned-Status Quo thinking was deeply engrained. Which makes me glad that Divinity is persistent and patient. I would receive a nudge, and Divinity would step back and let me choose if I would take the reins. Then when the time was right Divinity would do it again until I get the message.

Perhaps you feel a calling and you too struggle with the validity of the message or your belief in your ability to make it happen. Your calling can be grand where you are given a vision to help millions, or it can be humble and you simply feel the call to connect with Divinity to know yourself and your purpose more clearly.

I trust that what I offer here will help you on your journey as you decide what your spiritual calling is and how you can best make it happen.

Rekindling the Divine Connection

We advanced medical technology available to our governments, hospitals, and doctors and yet we are sicker now than ever before; mentally, physically, emotionally/mentally and spiritually we suffer.

Our souls cry for something more. We ache to be whole within a broken society obsessed with physical appearances, social statuses, monetary gain, superiority, dualism, and material possessions.

We yearn to go home to a place we have never known, where our soul is recognized and we are appreciated. We yearn for something unseen, something more than what we have before us. Our soul seems to know something we do not, and because we lack the Divine connection necessary for attaining this union we feel lost, hopeless and yearning for a place we don’t know and yet we call it home.

That feeling of wanting to go home is a symptom of something bigger happening all over the world. It is a symptom of our spiritual interruption and denial. We have removed ourselves from what our spirit longs for. We have become skeptics of what we know to be true. We have become supporters of the practices that trap us and make us ill.

This is when taking some time to step away from the social norms is important. Perhaps it is time to unplug.

Yes, I mean it. Unplug yourself from the digital world, the media, mainstream ideals, and so on. I am not saying this will solve all your problems but it is a step in the right direction… if you are seeking true healing and illumination.

Get off Facebook for a while. Stop texting. Stop binge watching Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, and go outside for a few hours. Take some time to read a challenging book with philosophies that make you think beyond what you know (or think you know) to be possible and true. Take some time to talk with people who challenge your mindset and lead you toward a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Take time to spend in Nature. We are nature and yet we have disconnected ourselves from nature only to replace this connection with something synthetic. We created a sickness that became an addiction. We create a void that cannot be filled with food, drugs, alcohol, exercise, sex, and so on. Don’t believe me? Try this experiment.

A 60-day experiment to create a Divine connection

This is a 60-day activity or experiment to help you discover the difference in yourself when you disconnect for the status quo.

The first 30 days you will go about your life; business as usual. Don’t change a thing. Hang out on Facebook, eat the foods you normally eat, watch TV, talk to the same people, and go to the gym (if that is part of your routine), etc. Don’t change a thing.

The only difference here is you will take 15-20 minutes at the end of each day to write a minimum of the 1-page journal entry. You can write more than 1-page if you like, but 1 page is all that you need. This entry will be your musing of anything you like. Be sure to take the time to note how you feel. How are your moods, attitude, and emotions? How did your day go? Is anything/anyone bothering you? What did you learn?

Once this 30-day period is over it is time to change things up a little.

The next 30-days you will unplug. Now I know this is difficult in our modern society especially when your business or livelihood depends on you sending emails, and other correspondences or conducting business via electronic means. So instead of unplugging completely, you will mostly unplug.

For this 30-day period you will only do what is necessary and then you will remove yourself from electronic devices and head outside. Within this 30-day span, you will spend a minimum of 5 hours per week outside. If you already spend time outside (say at the park for regular walks), switch it up and walk in the woods and add some extra time to your activity. YEP! You read that right.

Go for walks, talk to interesting people, watch the birds, listen to babbling streams, smell the flowers, lay on the grass, meditate, listen to the wind in the trees, dance in the rain, and take in the fresh air.

And again, at the end of the day, journal about how you feel, what did you experience. How are your moods, attitude, and emotions? How did your day go? What did you learn?

Nature and Divinity are one in the same. When we allow ourselves to fully connect with nature we allow ourselves to connection and rekindle our relationship with Divinity.

So, try this challenge and see where it takes you.

Know when you are Ready

When it comes to understanding Divine or esoteric knowledge we must know what we are ready to process and absorb. There will be times when certain types of information and philosophies a simply don’t resonate with our current ability to receive, and the only way to know this is to stretch your boundaries.

An important thing to remember here is to NEVER compare yourself to others. If you didn’t already guess it this is another illness or symptom of the illness within our culture. We are trained to compete with one another even when there is no competition to be had. This may be another challenge, but don’t look at what someone else is doing, and gauge your progress with theirs. Only focus on your efforts and what you need and want to achieve.

Knowing when you are ready requires you to search for knowledge to process and implement daily. Personally, I don’t feel that Divinity will present you with something you are not ready to handle. I have noticed that Divinity will give us hints of bigger things to come as we move through life and as we learn to discover our calling. But we will not be handed anything we cannot handle when we have a job to do.

I know this kind of subject can seem very obscure when you are already unsure of what Divinity is asking you to do. Let me give you an example and maybe a reference point. When I was looking for my place in the spiritual world I ended up as a leader in a local Earth-centered church. At first, I was not going to get involved with the organization, but it was the brain child of my mentor at the time so it seemed natural that I would join in her efforts to improve the community.

After a while, she moved on and I became the president of the church as well as one of its core spiritual ministers. I did not feel I was ready for this position but there was no one else stepping up to the challenge.

Long story short; after some time in my position, I uncovered that one of our leaders was conspiring and acting in an unethical way. After exposing her, I left the church and not long after the church disbanded.

Was this my calling? YES! Was it THE calling. NO!

It was a lesson. It was Divinity giving me a taste of what I need to do in the future. It was the Divine showing me some of the pitfalls I need to be aware of and avoid in the future. It gave me the necessary knowledge and working experience. That unfortunate experience helped me co-found F.I.R.E. with more strength and conviction than before.

There will be times when Divinity needs to teach us so that when we move on, we are stronger and better prepared. When you are presented with something you don’t think you can handle, give it a solid try. See where it takes you. Learn all you can learn from the experience and allow it to make you a better person.

Decide what you will do

There are many areas in life where you can do work that will improve the lives and well-being of yourself and others. Divinity will help you choose what path or task is right for you. Therefore, making that solid and infinite connection with Divine knowledge and having the ability to understand messages from the Divine is critical.

You can decide what you will do by asking yourself some critical questions like, “What am I good at?” “What are my values?” “Who do I feel drawn to help?” and so on.

This may be a time when you see the good deeds of other people and organizations and you become inspired. You think “WOW, look at what they have built! I want to do THAT!”

STOP!!! This is a dangerous road. Your work needs are authentically your own. After all, this is your path.

Copying or mimicking someone else’s hard work and dedication is not only wrong, it borders on being fake. This is not what Divinity wants for you. Authenticity is essential to bringing your message to the world. It MUST come from your heart or it will be ash in the mouths of those who come to taste your offerings.

Sure, use examples from already establishing community organizations and practitioners. YES, let them inspire you, but this inspiration needs to help you to create something that is uniquely you.

Remember authenticity is the key here. Make it your own.

Engage with Persistence

So now you have a better idea of your calling or you at least you have a better idea of your spiritual goals, it is now time to plant the seed. It is time to nurture this goal and do the work you are intended to do.

Because I don’t know your specific calling I cannot give you clear examples of how you should proceed. However, I can give you examples from my own experiences. When we take wisdom from the lessons others have learned the road is made a little less bumpy.

First, prepare yourself for some work. Doing Divine work does not mean you get to lay on the couch and everything you need just comes to you. Although, when the right work is put into place ahead of time you will have some days that appear to work like this.

Depending on what you are planning you might need a business plan. You will most definitely need a mission statement and code of ethics. Perhaps you need a board of directors, bylaws, liability insurance, a website, a place to host gatherings and events? Then there is marketing, fundraising, scheduling volunteers and more.

Buckle up, there is plenty of work to be done, and plenty of obstacles to overcome. This is a time to be aware of burnout. It happens to even the most determined people. On top of working hard to make things happen, yYou will have critics at your back telling you everything you are doing wrong and never what you do right. You will have skeptics at your door judging your every move. AND you will have copycats on your heels cashing in on what you do well.

“You cannot heal others until you heal yourself.”

My calling is to serve the spiritual community as a healer and Spiritual guide. I am an interfaith minister (to start) and an energetic healer. This means I had to learn a lot about what I do. I had to spend time studying and then applying what I learned. I started by learning my specific tradition and developing myself under my Master. I moved on to become a Usui Reiki Master, a Munay Ki Shaman, and Flower Essence Therapy Practitioner to name a few of my accomplishments.

I had to do some intense inner work both personally and spiritually to get to where I am. I spent YEARS learning what it means to be a spiritual person and studying various forms of spiritual practices. I had to learn the difference between a dualist philosophy and a philosophy of true coexistence.  I had to learn to follow my path and lead others in with adversity at my heels and doubt on my back. I should be proud of my accomplishments. They have taught me a lot and gotten me through life relatively unscathed.

BUT the hardest lesson I had to learn was how to keep my ego in check. Your ego when unchecked can undo all the hard work you put forth.

Learn to check your ego at the door

“Many find that some opportunities and callings have the potential to be very profitable. Be aware of this ego trap. You risk tainting your intended work with the wrong purpose and destroying your creditability and efforts. Your goal should always be to serve the purpose Divinity has asked you to serve.”

My spiritual leadership and my spiritual healing practices are one in the same. One does not work without the other. They are my interdependent tools for creating healing within myself, for individuals and within my community on many levels.

This comes with a unique challenge, as many healers who are skilled in Reiki, crystal healing, shamans and those who work with spirit medicine will tell you. The Ego is one of your biggest challenged and is a serious trickster.

Your ego is set in its ways and sees change and the act of stepping aside to allow other aspects take over as dangerous. Knowing this we understand that we must learn to heal our ego and teach it that it doesn’t have to be forceful or tricky to protect us. We must learn to speak with our ego so we may teach it a better way of interaction, one that benefits the whole rather than the one.

The motto my master taught me and seems to resonate throughout everything I have done is this, “You cannot heal others until you heal yourself.”

Before you gasp and over think this statement, let me explain. This does not mean you must be 100% perfect, Goddess knows I am far from perfect, and this is okay! What is does mean is that I needed to develop the ability to recognize when my anger, pain, trauma, and even my ego is getting in the way of my work. It means having the ability to recognize and heal the areas in my life that are still damaged and torn. It means learning to let go of what I think is right and learning to allow Divinity to work through me. It is in these areas where ego is crowned king and will fight fiercely to take the steering wheel.

If you are a stubborn personality, this will be very hard for you to achieve. Even that simple statement will send you into a frenzy. Is it Hard? Yes. Is it impossible? NO! You can do anything if you really want to do. Achieving any goal is done when you set out to do little tasks each day that leads you to achieve your higher goal and purpose. It is about persistence, patience, and digging in for the long haul.

I hope my words help you on your journey. I hope you can draw from my years of toil and pain to create for yourself an authentic spiritual life as you serve your divine purpose. I hope you create for yourself a place in this exitance where your heart is full and your soul is understood.




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